Thursday, January 21, 2010

More to the story....

As many of you involved in adoptions from Ghana know, the courts are starting to favor adoptive parents coming to the court hearing. So Beacon House is starting to ask families to travel for court. We had been waiting anxiously for a court date so we could travel etc.

So it was an amazing surprise when Carrie called and said our case was going to court tomorrow without us there! The likely scenario is that the judge will request our presence and give us a date to be there and we will work like crazy to get there. Heck, I found a flight on Delta that leaves Saturday morning and gets us there on Sunday...we could literally be there on Monday if we needed to be. Anyway....time is of the essence for us because on February 15th I start a rotation in the SICU and it is impossible for me to get time off in the unit because there is very minimal resident coverage. I couldn't do it and Keith would have to go alone and I DON'T want that...I want to see my girls.

I am digressing a tad.....anyway. Our hope is that once our case is open we will be able to come like next week for court. A miracle would be if the judge approved the adoption either with a full adoption decree or even an interim adoption decree with permission to travel.

The best part of my phone call this morning was when Carrie told me that today after they found out about the court date, Romana told our girls about us. She showed them our pictures from our dossier which was a family picture from several months ago and pictures of our house. I wish we would have sent a little photo album or something with more pictures. Anyway, she told them all about us and that we were waiting to be their family. I can only imagine what must be going through B's head. I have no way in the world to get my head around what she has been through or what this news would mean to her or make her feel.

What do you say or do when you meet an 8 year old little girl that is going to be your daughter? Do you run up to her, hug her and tell her you love her? Do you meet her politely and wait for her to show some sort of sign that it is OK to hug her? 18 month olds are pretty easy for me....peek a boo and funny faces usually work...I do a good peekaboo funny face! I am not nearly as experienced with big kids!

Seriously, I think we could literally jump on a plane 9am saturday morning and be in Ghana by Sunday afternoon. I think we could get vacation at work, get the kids taken care of and get packed in one day and head out the next. I might have to give away my overtime tomorrow afternoon....but it could work.

Now....just to reiterate, if nothing happens at all tomorrow, I will be fine and not too disappointed.

Now everyone say a little prayer for B and V and the judge who hears our case tomorrow.


Maria said...

Hi Michelle,
i found your blog thru some other adoption blogs and i've been following your journey. Thank you for sharing and sorry for not commenting.
I adopted my daughter from Vietnam a year ago when she was 3.
I pray that all goes well and you are on that plane tomorrow to see your little girls!!
Maria from NY

Michelle Johnson said...

Hi michelle,
How neat that your girls have found out about their momma and daddy to be. I have a feeling she will be more than happy to have you lay a big hug on her! Prayers coming your way.

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