Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No word....no way -er!

So we still don't know if we are travelling in 8 days. We kind of thought we were going to have more time to get prepared so it is a tad overwhelming. I was post call today and keith took the day off so we spent the day taking care of various things. It was a very stressfull morning that turned into a very nice afternoon.

We really talked about heading to Ghana in 8 days and went through all different kinds of scenarios - even if we can't get a court date we think we would really still like to go. Our referral is - I guess - tentative until an official body approves the referral. Once they approve the referral, then we can request a court date. So ....even though we are totally willing to commit to travel (without an assured court date) we have to wait until this official body has officially approved us for our referred little girls. So we hope to hear tomorrow.

I was overwhelmed and excited yesterday and thought for sure we would be travelling next week....tonight, I am a little more pessimistic. I don't think that we won't get approved for our referral, I think it just might take longer than a couple of days and it will be totally impossible for us to get it all together.

I know that I don't get to set up timelines...I just get to go with the flow!

In other news, I signed an employment contract and now officially have a job starting July 5th...hurray! More details on that bad boy to come.

It has been a great day all in all.....I hope to post sometime in the next 12 hours whether or not we will be meeting our girls in 8 days or not!


Cindy LaJoy said...

Hoping we hear good news soon! What an amazing adventure you have ahead of you!

Shannon said...

Bummer! Hope you hear something today. I think it'd be great for you guys to go next week no matter what.

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