Saturday, January 9, 2010

Polyanna and our boring old day!

Today started with us oversleeping a little bit and frantically straightening the house for our adoption playgroup. We had 2 other families some today - one new family....I am so excited. Amazingly, both families have children Zeb's age. One little boy is from Kazakhstan and a little girl from China. It was very fun and I am looking forward to next month!

Later we went to Walmart and bought some basic travel to Ghana international plug adapter, special TSA approved locks, and a wind up flashlight. We also bought Polyanna....that fabulous Disney movie with Haylie Mills. There are some similarities between Polyanna and Lilianna. I think that Lili is a very upbeat, and very honest little girl who is honestly concerned with other people's happiness. I feel like I am a tad hard on her sometimes because she sometimes lacks ummmm...focus(?). She is just so excited to do things and tell us things and answer questions, and ask questions, and show us something and play with her brothers...she is exhausting in such a happy, well-meaning, caring way. I hate having to reign her in and I feel bad sometimes when I do it...but I guess that is what being a parent is....being a bun-wearing, black dress - wearing, sour-faced, old aunt who won't let you go to the town-Bazzaar.

We watched it when we got home....It was as fabulous as I remember it. Although there were some things I didn't remember that were pretty interesting. We have a wall full of old Disney movies!

Here's to being the bad guy!

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