Monday, January 4, 2010

ten years

There is something about 2010 that makes people really look back at the last 10 years. Maybe it is because 2000 seemed so important and now that is 10 years ago. Maybe it is just my contemperaries and myself are starting to feel old and ready to do a personal retrospective...I don't know. I have seen it on other blogs and I, myself, have said those words to Keith...."what were you doing 10 years ago?".

New Year's Eve 1999 - I worked the "sunrise" shift...aka the graveyard shift at Harrah's New Orleans. I spent most of the night downtown and then showed up for work around 3am...and worked a PaiGow table from 4am to noonish. After my shift I would usually walk across the street to the gym and workout and then go home and groggily go through my daily tasks and try to get to bed by 8pm. I hated working that shift. I switched to day shift for a while which was really great. I could ride my bike to the gym, workout, go to work and ride my bike home. Sometimes I would ride the streetcar instead of my bike. I worked the swing shift after that for a year or so and I loved that shift too... I could work at night, go to bed around 4-6am, sleep as late as I want and still have time to get stuff done...I am digressing.

In 2000, I had just started working at the casino, I loved it and I was making more money that I had ever made in the past. I imagined staying in the gaming industry forever, staying in New Orleans forever, getting my MBA. I also started researching adopting from Kazahkstan.

Where do I think I am going to be in 10 years? I imagine living in a small town, my babies will be in about 5th grade and Lilianna will be getting ready to graduate from High School. I hope we have lots of pictures of places we have travelled. When I graduated from high school, my goal was to have lots of experiences that made great stories. I did that, but never wrote any of the stories I am sure I have forgotten half of them. My goal for the next 10 years is to try to write more of the stories down so we can remember them.

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