Friday, January 15, 2010

Things that don't suck

I just saw that my bloggy best friend, Shannon, is back in the hospital with her amazing micro-preemie fighter extraordinaire daughter (who happens to have the same name as my younger sister). She is amazing enough to have a blogpost that is listing 10 things that don't suck. Here I am whining about something totally small in comparison and she is away from her husband and son staying in the hospital with her precious little baby girl.

So...I too will participate in her 10 things that dont suck - a thon!

1. My could probably pick the key word husband or Keith from blog search and see me wax poetic about how my husband is basically my other half. I can't begin to explain how lucky I feel to be his wife...seriously.

2. My kids...I don't know if I should list them separately...but they are all equally non-sucky. They have their own little personalities that bring me such a great big lump of joy everyday.

3. My job - there are times when I have to work alot. I get a great deal of personal satisfaction and enjoyment out of what I do. There is a lot of opportunity to make extra money with overtime and when I finish residency it will be a pretty well-paying gig. It has taken a lot of work and a lot of sacrifices to get to this point professionally...but I feel really lucky to have a job that I like, that pays well, and that gives me personal satisfaction.

4. Diet Dr Pepper....I love diet dr pepper. We ran out of Diet Mtn Dew and keith was drinking a diet dr pepper and Zeb got very upset....he told keith "no no..that's mommy's coke". You know, in Alabama...every kind of a soda is a coke. Since I drink Diet dr pepper it means I can eat like 2 hershey's candy bars while i am writing this blog post because i am drinking diet!

5. My black boots...they are comfie (naturalizers) and cling to my leg so I can wear them with a skirt and they have heels that are blocky and make me look skinny. I love those boots.

6. Pandora - it is great, you pull it up on your internet and make your own little channel where you pick your favorite song and then it uses the magical music genome project to find other songs that you might like. It is pretty cool. I have a Bikini Kill station that plays the craziest stuff. They played one song by STP that I had been looking for for years.

7. Starbucks...duh grande 2 pump mocha

8. my super cute little pink acer computer keith got me for xmas. It is awesome and I am typing on it right now...did I mention it is pink.

9. Worldvision...I love buying christmas presents and father's day presents from the catalog and I love sponsoring a little girl in Costa Rica with Lilianna. She just gets really excited about it and I probably need to do better about actually mailing the pictures and presents lilianna makes for her....oops.

10. Christmas...I love Christmas. Maybe this is a bad time to think about it because it is over this year and I always hate it when the tree comes down and the decorations all go away..and the christmas songs leave the radio. I just love the fun of Christmas......Christmas definitely doesn't suck.

It was a lot harder to come up with things that don't suck than i thought it would be...even though I am in a super not-grumpy mood.

Your turn!

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