Friday, January 8, 2010


I am working.....hopefully not for too much longer tonight!
We have had a very fruitfull day on many fronts!
1. Visas for our trip to Ghana have arrived ! - yeah even though we now have no travel dates we are ready!
2. Our social worker talked to USCIS and he told her he sent replacement I797 this morning so we should have it before Wednesday - yeah!
3. secret summer plans have been initiated...haha....doesn't that sound mysterious! It isn't...I just can't talk about them online until the Spring...but it is good stuff!

Tomorrow is adoption play group day at my house 10 - noon....come on over if you live near Birmingham!

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The Blaske Bunch said...

YEAH for Visa!!!! Great job being on the READY! Excited for you for sure!!!

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