Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yes, I am shallow!

You may ask..."michelle, what have you been doing since you found out you are not travelling in 7 days?" and I would answer you"drinking coffee and a little of the online shopping - perhaps you might call it retail therapy!"...ok it isn't even retail is just shopping.
I think this first doll looks soooo cuddly and I thought an 18 month little girl might like it! Benjamin carries around one of Lilianna's horse beanie babies and loves it...I bet this is softer.

I didn't want to leave B out so I thought she might like this...of course, I don't know her at all...but the manufacturer recommends this doll for girls age is the description:

From the Manufacturer
Corolle Les Cheries Doll C├ęcile doll is the perfect doll for older children and tweens. She comes in a fashionable outfit that your child is sure to love. Each doll's hair is individually rooted, so it can be brushed and styled. Their vinyl bodies have a soft vanilla fragrance.

Product Description
Corolle Les Cheries Cecile Doll will help your child build confidence, for hairstyling and fashion play, too! She will love sharing secrets with you and keeping them between only the two of you! Cecile features a full vinyl body and dark brown eyes. This Corolle Les Cheries play doll has her own distinct personality and follows the latest trends in fashion, just like the real girls of today she was designed and dressed to resemble.

While googling dolls, I came across several articles that discussed how black dolls do not sell as well as white dolls - even in African American communities. Surveys have shown that african american girls percieve white dolls as prettier than black dolls. A very revealing symptom of a mass media that is not providing beautiful and positive roll models for black girls.

I would love to know what you guys think on the doll issue! Do you have any favorite dolls?


Tapsalteerie said...

Sophie hated dolls when she was litte. Then around age 4 she went head over heels for a black soft doll similar to the first one you pictured. That was followed by a mini-Barbie type doll (again black). She never responded well to the blonde/blue eyed dolls. We eventually got her a My Twinn doll and she has an on and off relationship with it... mostly off.

People did shoot us really odd looks when we went out with the soft doll... of course that was when her Chinese grandmother lived here so casual bystanders would see a little Asian woman walking with a honey-haired green eyed child toting a black doll (particularly funny when we went to the Scottish Games... we confused a whole lot of people!!).

We bought an olive skinned soft boy doll for Xander and he avoids it like the plaque... loves Sophie's MyTwinn doll though...

Shannon said...

I found a site that will custom make special needs dolls. They can make me an African American hydrocephalus doll with a shunt and scars in the exact same spots as M's.

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