Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beacon House Day 1

Here is theSonant Court Hotel we are staying at. It is the Sonant Court hotel and is literally 3 blocks from Beacon House. We got into Accra right on time at 735 this morning. All of our luggage made it! Yeah! It was a long flight, but the little breakfast croissant they served was primo! Customs was pretty easy, we sailed right through. The Hotel had a minivan waiting for us and the other family we were travelling with. We piled into the very nice air conditioned minivan and rolled on in to Christain Center, East legon. The hotel is nice...I have a picture of keith lounging on the bed while I frantically prepared all of our stuff for the walk to the orphanage. We had about an hour to get things ready. We brought the clothes for the girls to wear in court tomorrow and some of the items we brought for Romana from home. Here is our dusty walk......

Here is Beacon House. Right before we went in. A volunteer from michigan is here for 6 months and she came to the hotel to pick us up and walk us over. We got there about 1030 this morning. Rang the doorbel and came into the little compound. They had secluded our children upstairs so that they weren't runningaround in the playground when we walked in. We met Romana and she told us alittle bit about what to expect tomorrow in court. She is going to talk to each of the families separately at some point soon...likely tomorrow about specifics of their children's background. After we talked to Romana in the office for about 30 minutes. ...

We were led to the volunteer office, the other family was taken to the baby house. Then one of the volunteers brough in our children so we could meet each other for the first time. One of the German volunteer brough in B...she kept peaking around the corner, and then darting away. Then she shyly rolled around the door fram with her face hidden in her hands against the wall. It was a happy, shy, sweet little girl that peered at me over her hands. Still with her face mostly hidden by her hands she said "Hi Mom".
This was a moment I had been worried about, maybe obsessed over a little bit...what would be the right way to introduce yourself to your new 8 year old daughter. Keith had said don't worry you will know what to do....surprise, surprise, Keith was right. I was just as dramatic and excited as could be...."B, come here, you are so beautiful I am just so excited to finally meet you" and gave her a big hug. Then she threw herself on my lap and buried her beautiful little head in my shoulder. We just cuddled while I asked her questions about herself. She didn't answer many of them with much more than a uhhuh or no. At least not for our first visit of the day.
Where was V you may wonder? The volunteer brought her in at the ver beginning nd handed her over to Keith while I was coaxing B into the room. V just sat calmly and snugly in keith's lap. She didn't fidget much...just watching with her ginormous dark brown eyes taking everything in. She came over and sat on my lap a little bit later and went straight to sleep.
We gave B the little photo album we had made and went through it with her. Then she wanted to go show everyone her photo we went back into the outdoor play area where everyone came up to ask us if we were B and V's mom and dad. It got a little bit raucous..but it was good. We met lots of kids.
At noon they had lunch and I fed V...they had some delicious smelling rice, fish, bean smelled very new orleans soul food. Then we left so they could take a nap.
We went to exchange some money, then stopped at a corner store..literally on the corner and got a delicious coke in a bottle. Of course, we are not allowed to take the bottle out of the store because of the deposit! So we drank it there and then headed back to the hotel for a quick nap.
Around 3pm we went back to the orphanage. The girls were waiting for us. B alternates playing hard to get and wanting to be the center of attention. We started seeing a much sassier pair of girls in the afternoon. We brought a coloring book and some crayons back to play with B. She wanted to do it outside with the other kids andthat soon became an overwhelming mass of children's hands wanting crayons and got out of hand rather quickly, so we went back into tht office. We finally got to see V smiling and being silly - making silly faces. That was good. B also started getting more comfortable as Keith rough housed a little with her and we played gang up on dad and tickle him...a favorite for children of all ages.
Tomorrow is court and i hope...hope ...hope that I will be legally able to post the pictures from today...It was kind of surreal but a lot of exciting.
Oooh...we are getting more adventurous. In addition to going to a corner store today, for dinner, we ate at a crazy take out window (which was vouched for my the american teachers and the american international school) called Simple Brothers. We got rice and chicken to go and it was sooo delicious and spicy...wooowie was it spicy! We aren't sick yet so that is a good sign. It was really, really good!


Shannon said...

Sounds like an incredible and exhausting day! We'll be praying for court (and pictures) tomorrow!

Megan, aka LadyofMoonlight said...

Wow! Congratulations on finally being with your girls! Fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow and everyone transitions smoothly :)

Kara said...

How exciting. I'm so glad I peaked in today. Congratulations on a new beginning for your family!!!!!

Tapsalteerie said...

So glad to hear that things are going well!! Will be praying for for you all that court goes well! Can't wait to see the pics!!

bbqdaisy said...

Soooooo AWESOME to hear about your first day in Ghana!! Blessings, blessings, blessings! I look forward to seeing pictures of your beautiful daughters!

Michelle Johnson said...

so glad you arrived safely! So exciting hearing about your meeting with the girls - thanks!
We received our official referral today for Emmanuel and Grace. Give them a hug if you can :) Praying hard for court in the morning.

The Blaske Bunch said...

Michelle....THANKS for the great first day post! I love being able to "see" the reality of ALL YOUR HARD you stand at BH gate to go in!!!!
Also thanks for the hotel pics...this will help my hubby (who plans to stay there when he goes to get G hopefully SOON!)
Any tips you have for him about the hotel would be SUPER!
Glad the arrival and the airport, taxi ride and entrance to BH went GREAT! Take it all in....each day will be an adventure that leaves a memory on your heart.
Blessings and GREAT JOB!

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