Monday, February 8, 2010

by the way....

I think 5 days is about the maximum amount of time I can be away from my kids without losing it. I got so sad today skyping with the kids....mostly with the babies. I know they are having an awesome time. Our babysitter is like extended family and the kids love to be over there....they are soooo spoiled.

The kids don't seem to get upset when we talk to them...they are just excited to talk to us. Zebby got a weird look though at the end of our last skype that just broke my heart...he was a little bit confused and kind of sad.

Skype is perfect for kids zeb and ben's age because you can play a mean game of peek a boo and blow lots of slow motion kisses. It is more of a challenge with Lilianna because she just keeps on talking and too fast for skype to catch all of her fact it is difficult for human ears to catch all of her words.

Being away from them this long is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be and I know that waiting the seeming eternity for our new girls' documents is going to be more difficult than i anticipated.

Just thought i would post about the hard part of this trip!

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