Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 3

These are the guys at Simple Brothers, the place we have eaten 90% of our meals. It is so delicious and super is like $1.50 to $2.00 for a big old carton of spicy rice with 2 pieces of fried chicken. We totally love it. Here is the building (if you can call it that)
Yummm. I don't know if they are open on Sunday, i am sure we will find out tomorrow. If not, the hotel really does have good food in their is just pricier and takes a lot longer. We are so fortunate to have so many food options within walking distance. Simple brothers is about a block away and half way between our hotel and Simple Brothers is a little corner store which has a covered area with a little table. We buy soda and cookies there. You have to drink the soda there because of the bottle deposit. It feels very Indiana Jones to be sitting there drinking our soda eating our chicken and rice and listening to the booming African music coming out of these giant speakers. Today Keith started talking to the owner of the corner store...turns out he is from Atlanta! Small world.

Look at my man changing a tire on a landrover. When we got to Beacon House today to pick up the girls to take them swimming, the other adoptive parent was elbow deep in changing a flat tire. He was having some trouble with a stuck lug nut so my strong man took of his shirt and got the lug nut off. A knowledge of levers is my husbands super power. Unfortunately, they had to readjust the jack and he got his finger smooshed. As Keith was coming into the house with his wounded hand, he heard some of the little boys telling B that her dad was super strong. I think that might have made the smooshed hand worth it! I had a small cow...but a little soap and water, IPA, neosporin and band aid later...I stopped hyperventilating. Although, I am still considering starting him on the antibiotics I brought - i just don't think Zithromax will do much for a skin infection!
After the jack accident, I made Keith stop and we left the rest of the tire change to the other AP on scene! We brought the girls back to the hotel for swimming. B loved her new bathing suit. She was a little skittish getting into the water. She didn't want to get in with me she wanted to wait for Dad to finish putting his sunscreen on and get in with him. She is kind of turning into a daddy's girl. She got into a little inner tube and we pulled her around and spun her around. When the other kids got there (the other family brought their 2 bio kids, the 3 kids they are adopting and one other child) we decided to head in to watch movies. We have quickly discovered that when other kids are around, B wants to socialize with them more than us ...and this time is meant for us to bond as a family. So I am really trying to keep us in a family group.
V did great at the pool. I think she hasn't been exposed to a lot of men, she gets upset sometimes when Keith holds her and then immediately calms down when I pick her up. Of course, that makes me feel good...but I think it is more a function of her not having any male caregivers. Although I know it is hard to tell, Ithink I had a breakthrough of sorts with V today. In the past, she just kind of goes to anyone and anyone one person is basically like any other person. I did hear that she had a very special bond with a volunteer that was here for several months but recently left. V has a big, intense, and kind of pensive stare. She always looks like she is suspicious. Today when we were in the room watching movies, I was holding her and I caught her looking up at me with a new look. It was the same look I saw on Zeb, the second day I was there with him, it was the same look I saw on Polina when I held was the inquisitive.."You are someone more than a regular caregiver" I guess it wasn't the "Will you be the one who loves me" look that Polina had...but it was a change, it was an acknowledged look...there was something new in that look. When we dropped them off tonight, V smiled and waved and said bye bye in a new way. All of the nannies in the room got really excited about her behavior and one of them called another nanny in to watch V wave goodbye to me.
B lost her first toy today. We took her doll to the pool, she had asked a million times if she could take her doll in the pool and of course we said no. We said the doll could come to the pool and watch us swim, but under no circumstances could the doll go in the water. She pushed her first boundary, the doll's head ended up gettin dunked in the pool and she lost the toy. I don't know how big of a deal it was to her, but she will find that we do what we say we are going to do and our boundaries are real.
After swimming B got a warm shower and V got a bath and I put some lotion on them and some new clothes. I know, it is shallow, but I kind of made my little girls into my little girls before I had to take them back to Beacon House. We watched Barbie and the Diamond Castle...OK...I really like that movie and I really like the songs...I can't help has good songs - so sue me!
We may have also eaten some M and M's. Oh yeah, before the movie we skyped O and Lilianna, Zeb, and Ben so they could meet their new sisters live and in person on the computer. B was really shy and quiet. Lilianna was sooo excited. Lilianna is just soo excited to have new sisters.
Today was really wonderfull, but it was sooo hard to take the girls back. I just hope they can come home soon.

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