Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 4

Today is day. We went to church with the kids from Beacon House. This is a half built church...I am not sure for how long they have been building it...but they meet here anyway. They don't have walls, or windows, or media equipment. They have about 5 big poster flip picture books of bible stories, 2 children's pastors, and an inexhaustable supply of patience. Church for the kids went from 1030 to about noon...the grown up church was going on for much longer. This church is actually right across the street from Simple Brothers and the little corner store.

After church, we were able to take the girls for lunch and swimming. We went right across the streetto Simple Brothers and ate it at the corner store while I drank a delicious coke from the bottle and B had an Orange Fanta. It was amazing to see what little was left of the chicken bone after B was done with it. We sat out at the corner store and listened to a lot of the grown up church across the street.

Then we came back to our hotel room and finished eating. Air conditioning, a full tummy, and little bit of cuddles unlocked V. She started making faces at us, and really smiling and interacting with us. It was a huge, huge, huge breakthrough. She started saying a ton more sounds. I even got her to say Mama and Dada...but she probably doesn't know what they mean. While we were at our hotel room she was like a new child. It was amazing.

Then we went swimming and it was nice and cool as usual. We spent a lot more time playing around. Keith through B up in the air a couple of times and she liked that. We got a head start on the other family because they didn't take their kids straight from church, they waiting until after nap time to pick them up (around 3 pm). By the time the other kids got to the pool, it was time for us to go. I know B wanted to stay and play with her friends...but this time is family time and we are going to use it as such. After swimming the girls got a shower (V got a bath), lots of lotion on their skin and we watched High School Musical 2. I would say it took about 5 minutes for V to fall asleep and 30 minutes for B to go down.

When it was time to head back to Beacon House, we woke up B. We probably should have woke her up sooner ( she slept about 30 minutes). I had to change V from the cute onesie i had her in back to her church was also very cute, but it was dusty and a little smelly and my bathed, freshly lotioned up little girl was so cute in her pink flowered onesie...I didn't want to change her back and take her back. We had to get B's shoes on and then we started back.

B is pretty silly and although she doesn't talk a whole lot, she does like to kind of hop around a little bit and hang on her dad. As we left the Hotel compound I looked down at a very solemn little girl and saw her crying. We stopped and I tried to get her to tell me what was wrong...but she just clamed up....not a single word. She just walked very quietly with tears rolling down her face.

When we got back to the orphanage, we tried to talk to her to see what was wrong, but she just ried to run away, we kept her in the office with us for a few minutes, then we let her run off. So much was running through our heads. Was she attaching to us more than just other white people who come and take them swimming, was she stressed out and depressed because she had to go back to Beacon House after such a fun day, was she worried about not really ever being able to go to America with us, was she feeling guilty about wanting me to be her mom (betraying her bio mom)? Was she just tired and sad about not getting to see the climactic finale of High School musical 2....that crazy Sharpei...what fabulous thing will she do next.

In any case, we talked to Romana about it and she said it is totally normal for the kids to act out like that off and on during the visit so quit being such a worry wort! was really, really hard to take the girls back today. It is going to stink in a big way to leave on Friday. Especially since we get them all to ourselves for our trip up to Bolga on Tuesday - Wednesday.

Sorry for the limited pictures...our girls are in almost all of the shots today. Tomorrow morning around 7 am our time (1am in Alabama), Keith and the other Adoptive dad will go in front of the judge to get our adoption judgements. I hope we get good news. If so...there will be some pictures to look at tomorrow!

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landonspc said...

We had a tearful ending to a day at the pool as well. Helen sat quietly as tears rolled down her face. She wouldn't tell me what was wrong either. And, I'm not sure she even knew. I think it's all they can do when all their emotions come to the surface and it's more than they can handle. Heck, think of how overwhelming it is as an adult! It's normal for older kids and I think it's tears of relief. "I can't believe this is real." Thanks for sharing, I have empathy for you.
peace, jess

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