Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today, after we dropped the girls off we stopped by the little corner store on the way home to pick up a couple of bottles of water. The sun was just setting, the breeze had picked up and it had cooled off. The corner store was blaring music out of its huge speakers. The owner (from Atlanta) was there, his wife was loading up empty bottles into their SUV to take back to wherever they needed to go, his young son was clamouring after her.

We headed down the dirt road to our hotel.

I totally love Ghana. It is super awesome here - i can't believe i was scared of travelling here. Everyone we have met so far has been so nice, the food has been delicious and the weather in the evenings is totally gorgeous.

Just wanted to quickly post about how super wonderfull our time in Ghana has been just by virtue of the fact that we like Ghana so much.

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bbqdaisy said...

I love Ghana too!
And I'm so glad that you do too =)
I'm checking your blog constantly to hear about today!
Blessings in Him

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