Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have been quiet..I know...

I have been pretty busy since we got back. I started in the SICU on last monday...which totally sucks. Yes, it sucks...there is no way to sugar coat it. Its better than last time because I am not 7 months pregnant with my husband out of town with only 4 days off the entire month. It has been restructured so that I get 10 whole days off this month..which is awesome. See here I go...looking for the really does suck though.

The family we travelled with to Ghana got their adoption decree last week......our adoption decree is still nowhere to be found. Just another testament to the complete and total unpredictability of international adoption! I am handling it very well though and surprisingly, I am truly happy for their family and not secretly jealous and petty as I maybe would have expected! I am truly convicted that the paperwork will come when it is supposed to come and the timing will be perfect. I know it might get harder to believe that whole heartedly if it starts dragging on...but I am good for now!

A couple of days ago, Lilianna decided she wants to be a servant when she grows up. She has been very thoughtfull about it. She wants to start lifting weights so she will be able to lift heavy things, she wants to practice making beds and cleaning. She has been cleaning her bedroom and the boys' bedroom before dinner. Today we talked about where she can go to servant school and what the best college for servants is. One of her friends at school told her she was too cute to be a servant but she thinks maybe if she cuts her hair funny she can lose some of her cuteness and be a good servant. She was talking about it at Dinner tonight and kind of sighed and said "I know when I grow up , some people will make fun of me for wanting to be a servant...but I just want to be one".
I have been trying to figure out where this came from....she is just all in and it is so not a ballerina, a firefighter or a princess.

Kids really do say the darndest things!

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