Thursday, February 11, 2010

Michelle's Obruni's Guide to Babybacking Part 1

Add one baby, 2-3 yards of fabric, instructions from one housemother and a skeptical Adoptive mom and you have my first attempt at babybacking.
Baby to my hip and then slide her under my arm (this seasoned little girl latches on like a spider monkey!)

She is totally loving this....her arm go under my arms and I hold her into place with pressure on her arms in my arm pit...a lovely image

Then I bring the top edge around to tie
to be continued......

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The Blaske Bunch said...

LOVE IT! Our kids still like to put their baby dolls on their backs this way!
From this "Obruni mommy" to you...GREAT JOB! I will be praying about your exit ...not FUN...but may the Perfect Peace of God cover your heart in the deep places that you can not process:O)

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