Friday, February 5, 2010

No Photos

You may notice a distinct lack of pictures of the girls on my blog! We went to court today. We got dressed up and picked up the girls at Beacon House around 730 this morning. They already had on their super cute court oufits....picked out by an ingenious shopping machine ( B, V, Keith and I got into a taxi to go to court while the other family rode with the Beacon House escort extraordinaire, Bernard. After about an hour and 15 minutes in a sweltering hot backseat with a baby in my (Ok mostly in keith's) lap I was starting to wonder if the taxi driver actually knew where he was taking us. Finally, we pulled up in front of a building and he said "ok this is health clinic". UM....we are going to court. To which he replied..."Oh the high court or a different court"...I don't know! What the heck! So he drives about 2 more blocks and says..I think this is it.

So we pile out of the car and start looking around for Bernard and the other family. We are the only peach people for miles and we start freaking out just a tad...we don't have any cell phones or phone numbers to call anyone (not because they weren't provided by our awesome coordinator...but because we are stupid).

After about 30 - 45 seconds of panicking, B says..."Mom, this is the right place, we were here last time...I show you". So B saved the day. About 15 minutes later Bernard and the other family show up and we proceed to wait about 2 hours in the sweltering African heat in a 2 story wooden building with a couple of ceiling fans and some slat windows through which we can see the ocean.

Finally, the judge starts calling the adoption cases into her chamber, unfortunately, her air conditioning has gone out, it is Friday afternoon, and she decides that she isn't going to issue any adoption decrees today because well...because she can. The dad's are going back before court starts on Monday to get her verdict. The ladies get to stay at the air conditioned hotel and sleep in. Ain't life grand!

All in all, the girls did so well today. I think that most older children have some unrealistic expectations when it comes to being adopted by an American Mom and Dad...they expect that they will have every toy they could ever imagine....that will take a while to convince her otherwise...especially since Keith and I have a tendency to spoil our kids just a tad! B is a total drama queen and so happy. V is still in her shell a little bit, I think. We got a couple of smiles today, but she is taking a while to come out. She is still very small and a tad lethargic. She is walking, sitting, etc by herself, but she is not a very vigorous little girl. She definitely needs to come home soon.

We went to buy our plane tickets to the North...that is going to be a fun adventure. We are going on Tuesday morning and coming back Wed morning. Tomorrow we have the morning to ourselves and then we are picking up the girls to come play in the pool at our hotel in the afternoon. I have promised B some MandM' I guess I better quit eating them and save some for her tomorrow.

This is such a crazy adventure there are so many loving children here...everyone just wants attention and cuddles. We are exhausted, but having a great time....we ate at a road side stand last night for dinner (It was vouched for by American teachers at the American International School)...they have chicken and rice and they have chickens running around the building everywhere. We are going to have to take a picture and post it...because you will not believe this place. Anyhow...the food was awesome and totally spicy...and it DIDN'T make us sick!

I am done rambling for now...I am hoping we can post pictures of the girls on Monday!


The Blaske Bunch said...

Hip hip hip hip HOORAY! I had a few chats with Romana and a short FB with Bernard about your adventure to court today!!!
(sorry about the AC and the HOT fun!)
We have a picture on our wall at home of our court date...we LOOK so happy in our sundresses...but what the camera can not show is the sweat rolling down ALL places of your body:O)
I was hoping to see you post it here.... Ghana, BH everything and more you can get your mind around? Your girls??? WOW and WONDERFUL! Your post makes me MISS BH even more!
We will continue to pray over the weekend for you and the other great family...and your time with your kids!
Looking forward to more posts ...and some post of PICTURES after the court hearing on Monday....this will be a JOY to see! Sooooooo glad you are there safely and got meet your kiddos and BH kids and staff.
How is email for you? are you able to get on....can we chat that way as well?
Blessings and GREAT JOB!!!

Shannon said...

Okay, I totally got chills when I read the part about B saying "Mom, this is it....."

Sorry about the heat and the lack of adoption decree. Hopefully she'll feel a tiny bit guilty and issue them Monday.

Have a great time this weekend - can't wait to see pool party pictures!!

bbqdaisy said...

YEAH, you are IN Ghana!
It is SOOOO great to be able to follow along with your journey!
Sorry that today did not work out as hoped - I WILL be praying that God DO HIS THING on Monday ... that your daughters become your legal daughters!

Katherine said...

Praying for both families that there is favor on Monday, for your trip up North, for you hearts for EVERYTHING!! So excited for you all and YES post those pics of your girls once they are "legally" yours!! Thanks for sharing!!

Moses' mom

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