Thursday, February 11, 2010

odds and ends

This is a full on Veronica temper tantrum....if only I could post a little movie...she is kicking punching and screaming. We let it go on for a couple of minutes and then I said...Veronica do you want a snack and she stopped crying sat up and smiled. She is trouble!
Today we didn't do a whole lot. We went over to Beacon House in the morning and took a ton of pictures of everything and just about everyone at Beacon House. We also brought some stuff over that we had brought to Beacon House....diapers, towels, flip flops and bibs. Then we just hung out and played around with B and V.

We left at lunchtime and came home and ate some of the MRE's we brought. MRE's are so much fun. They are strangley filling. Seriously, we haven't been eating a whole lot here and we couldnt' even finish the little meals.

In the afternoon we brought the girls to our Hotel room and B wanted to watch Barbie and Diamond castle we did. V finally learned how to use the sippy cup we have been giving her all week...yeah. I think she really like sucking. I imagine liquid has basicall just been being poured down her throat and she is drinking out of a regular cup....but I think she liked remembering how to suck...I don't know if there is a real basis for this...but it was like a light turned on today ( I guess it would be the second light). She was a lot more playful and less moody AND she started playing with Keith. This is a huge breakthrough! Go Dad!

We took them back at Dinner time ...see my babybacking pictures! B did really good when we brought her sulking or crying. Tomorrow is going to be really hard. She is really opening up to us and it is going to be so hard to leave for what is likely going to be a 6-9 monoth wait to get them home....UG!

Coming up of Keith eating the vanilla pudding from his MRE....oh the anticipation builds....

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Kara said...

Wow, what an adventure! What cute, cute girls. I hope everything happens in record time. Best of luck!!!

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