Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This afternoon's visit

Ok..I didn't have any new pictures from these are from our guest house in Tamale last night. Benedicta is going to make a great american teen ager. she is watching a movie on the computer. She is so sassy!
We picked the girls up after their nap about 3 and came back to the hotel. The girls were very dusty and our bed spread is white so Benedicta took a quick shower (which she LOVES taking warm showers) and we quickly wiped down Veronica) and we all piled on the bed to color in B's Hello Kitty coloring book. Then we broke out toss up (a colored dice game) and had loads of fun playing that.
We had a couple of very good parenting moments with temper tantrums from Veronica and some defiance from B which was successfully managed. There will be lots of things to work on with the girls when they get to come home and I wish we could bring them home and start now. My hope when we started adopting from Ghana was that it would be a quick process. It is so unpredictable! I am just praying that all of the other steps go quickly.
Passport applications will be filed tomorrow and we can file the I600 as soon as we get the adoption decree. I know someone who recently got a passport in less than 2 weeks, I know someone else that has been waiting for months....many long months. I 600's have taken as little as 2 weeks and as long as 6 weeks. The visa comes last and could take 2 days or 2 weeks. To me the wildcard seems to be the passport. Anyway, there is really nothing I can do about it except wait and pray for a little bit of least right now! Ok so best case scenario is like the decree comes out tomorrow we file the i600 here on Friday. We put in our passport applications tomorrow and it is back in 2 weeks, the I600 gets processed in 2 weeks and by week 3 the kids are getting their visas...we are back in 3 weeks....oh I am like a comedian. haha. I am praying that the girls are home in May
We brought the girls back and then raced home as it looked very stormy. We got home and went to the hotel restaurant for dinner....have I mentioned what a great hotel we have here....I totally recommend it highly! While we were started raining...thunderstom actually. I didn't think we would get rain while we were here...but we managed to squeeze that in!


The Blaske Bunch said...

Michelle....i love this post...really I know the time line thing and the processing of "what it could look like if..." rolls around in your head...makes ya a bit crazy!
I had to do a little laugh out loud moment when I was reading about "if decree, file passport...get i 600 in" etc...and the nearly 1,000000 possibilites of how it could all play out....ohhh i can not tell you how many times I have stood and looked at my personal schedule each month and run this over and over with the possibilities of best and worst case scenarios...made me giggle...NOT AT YOU...but at myself and I guess all the other adoptive families who stand in their kitchens flipping from month to month playing out the different possibilities.
Hang in there....
I am waiting for my i 600 as I type this...even at lunch today my sweet hubby was trying to "plan" the EXIT .."if the approval comes..."IF" the visa takes one week or two...
Honestly kinda still laughing at how we must of looked at McDonalds with our daytimes open trying to plan something that is really UNKNOWN!
ha...thanks for the look in the mirror today:O)

Michelle said...

The whole timeline thing is pretty funny. Whenever someone is researching the process...we all have the same question..."what is the timeline" and it just is unknown! I really am kind of hoping for May....and i think that is probably a little bit too optimistic!

Mala said...

So exciting. I'm hoping that everything gets processed in record speedy time.

I had a lot of catch up reading to do, but just wanted to let you know I'm here! And so excited for you!!!!

bbqdaisy said...

THANKS for all of the posts!
What a blessing to come on and read them! I TOO LOVE Mamma Ladi, there is something so amazingly special about her ... to me she oozes and radiates LOVE and gentleness and kindness! I also loved all of the spicy food in Ghana! Reading your posts makes me miss it! BLESSINGS, BLESSINGS, on the rest of your time!

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