Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Like a Lion out like a Lamb

When I was in 4th grade, I was in Mrs Boner's class...I swear to you that was her name....at least I am pretty sure that was her name...it might have been Mrs Bone...anyway...I digress. The other 4th grade teacher, Ms. Tims (Bab's was her first name...seriously..because her sister the other Ms. Tims taught like 1st or 2nd grade) used to decorate her two classroom doors for the month of March..."In like a Lion"...and it was a giant cuddly Lambert the Lion and the other door would be "Out like a lamb"...with a cuddly lamb. Sp I always think of the beginning of March as bad weather, gloomy, and rough.....and the end of the month as beautiful spring weather - almost summer, things getting easier.
As it was this year...what terrible weather, I was in the terrible ICU, we were waiting on every piece of paperwork imagineable to get the girls home, we had to plan our next year..where would live...everything was like a stormy, tumultuous wintery day.
Today is almost the end of the month..the weather is beautiful, we found out for sure today that we are going to be able to close on our fabulous new house, we received our I600 last week and today we got the news that..........
We have passports! This is not really either of our girl's passports...I stole the picture from The Blaske Broadcast....thanks Carrie!
So I am looking up flights and red dresses....because Alex wanted us to bring her a red dress to fly home in.
Don't get me wrong...we aren't leaving like next week to pick anyone up. We still have other hurdles. We are waiting for our I600 approval to actually get to the Visa Unit in Accra, and then our girls need to get their medical's done and visa applications approved. But we are getting very close.
Last night, I started thinking about what kind of cake I would be baking for Zoe's 2nd birthday...June 1st....I am pretty sure they will be home by then.
March certainly came in like a Lion and is going out like a Lamb. We have a couple other things up in the air and maybe they will resolve by tomorrow too.
I am one lucky mama!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I600 approval on day 23!!!

We got our I600 approval today....yeah!!!! now all we need are those pesky passports. It is so hard to wait for things like this. We are also waiting for Keith's company to process our adoption reimbursement (yes...we are totally blessed by his company offering reimbursement for adoption). We had no idea they even had the benefit....

Anyway...I figure about the same time the adoption reimbusement money shows up...the passports will too.

One more step!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's up?

Well...not a whole lot. We had a mostly nice trip. I made a new rule about family vacations. No more until all children can be intimidated into silence at bedtime! Haha!

Lilianna went to her father's house on Tuesday and will be gone for 6 days. It is weird to have just the baby boys in the house.

The weather has been semi- cold and rainy...which I love, the house has been clean and I have been really busy.

I am trying to bring the Alabama Heart Gallery to our church for the month of April and it is amazing how much work it takes to just get the church to approve something like that. It is soooo easy to do, but there is a committee that needs to approve it, but the only person that can take it to the committe is sick like 40% of the time, almost never returns phone calls, and is just as nice and pleasant as can be so it is hard to be really angry about it. But it is frustrating....

I am working some overtime right now in fact...and my break is just about over...but I hate it when I go for a week without blogging...I start to go through withdrawals!

Friday, March 19, 2010

being over 35 rocks...

I am running around the house packing (for our weekend trip) and cleaning...and blasting Lilianna's Ipod songs and singing along with Hannah Montana and Avril Lavigne (ok...Avril Lavigne is on Lilianna's ipod because Keith has it on his IPod...you are so busted Keith)...

I am so glad I am not in my angst ridden 20's. Being over 30 is such a good thing.

What are a few wrinkles, a couple of gray hairs and 20 pounds in exchange for the contentment, insight, and wisdom of age!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

4 weeks 5 days...

I can't believe it has been over a month since we saw our babies in Ghana. We are handling it pretty well.....I truly can't believe it has been so long. Hopefully, we will continue to wait gracefully and patiently.....but not for too much longer!
I don't know if I had blogged about a conversation I had with B while we were in Ghana. We were sitting in the hotel room watching Barbie and the Diamond Castle (the best Barbie movie so far) and she asked me what her new American name was gonig to be. Keith and I had talked about names and decided that we wouldn't plan on changing names...we would add a middle name and leave it up to them.
I told her that we didn't know if she would want a new American name and she was adamant that she wanted a new American name and she wanted us to pick it out. So Keith picked one out...while we were in Ghana. Yes...I let Keith pick out a name. He told B and she loved it. I later picked one for V. So we have new American names for them.
The kids love the new American names. It is hard for keith and I to refer to them by their new American names...and it is going to be weird and somewhat confusing when we switch over to the new names. I know there are lots of reasons to not switch to new names. We have discussed it on more than one occasion...but we are going forth with the new American names.
Alexandra.....Alex for B and Zoe for V. Lilianna, being a huge Wizards of Waverly Place fan LOVED Alex and was pushing for Harper for V..haha.

A little hollywood gossip...

Yes, I am embarassed to bring it up...but what in the world is Sandra Bullock doing married to Jesse James anyway. My husband asked me that once..."why is Sandra Bullock married to him? Don't you think that's weird?" No, I said....maybe he is a nice guy who just has some tough guy persona or someething...I don't know.

OK, if my husband had an affair with a super scary, nasty tattoo model...I would throw up (yes I do have a 6 inch dragon tattoo on my right bicep). Of course, SB knew he HAD been married to a porn star who was doing time in prison...so she had to know the potential was there for him to be attracted to skanky...she probably just didn't know the potential was there for him to totally lie to her and break her trust and heart. Oh and I totally believe it happened....JJ has not publicly denied it and SB has cancelled personal appearances due to personal matters.

Gross. All I wanted to say was gross.

And...what irony.....She is off doing a movie about the amazing good in people and filming her Oscar winning role and her husband is having an affair. Getting rid of a cheating husband is probably going to be better for her in the long run than winning an Oscar anyway...so she was really blessed doubly for doing this movie!

No more vapid hollywood gossip...I apologize! Can you tell I have work to do! haha.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Testing the limits ...

I am sitting in my kitchen, at my little Kmart table (which I LOVE!) looking out my kitchen window at Lilianna and Zeb playing (unsupervised...haha) on the swingset. Every little (unsupervised) thing they do which could cause black eyes, bloody noses and broken limbs...I just gnash my teeth, suck it up and let them play...laughing and having fun. Zeb is barking at the neighbors dog and climbing up and down the slide. Lilianna and Z are taking turns spinning around in the swing with the little plastic baby swing swinging wildly around.

They are testing the limits of my intellect to control my totally irrational fears of them getting hurt by the silliest little thing. I think they had something with that bubblewrapping your kids thing...and helmets all day long.

Thank goodness it is almost dinner time...ug!

I just yelled for them to come in for dinner and Zeb yells back at the top of his lungs...
"mommy I got POOPIE Diapie"

I am so glad that the whole neighborhood knows...I wish one of them would change it for me! haha.


Getting second place at the Pinewood derby.
Unfortunately, all of the other pinewood derby pictures were taken sideways and I can't figure out how to post them so everthing is upright...it is a work in progress...so for your viewing pleasure!
Benjamin eating some Cinnamon toast inside with me
Lilianna and Zeb playing "camping in the cabin" out back and eating their cinnamon toast.
Lilianna being sassy with her pink and purple hair extensions provided by her BFF Jessica
Zeb when he was sick at the beginning of the month...that boy could be the sickest person in the world and still break out his toothy grin at the sight of a camera!

Speaking of teeth!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Weekend

We had a big weekend...I do have pictures which I will post when I get home. We had the pinewood derby this Saturday (on my LAST post call day from the unit....hurrah!). Our family entered 5 cars (because dad is a pinewood derby machine)...and there were 40 total cars...so we had over 10% of the entries...nice showing.

We had a good race...I will post pictures later and results. Lilianna also learned an important life lesson. Lilianna has a crush on one of the little boys in boyscouts and his car didn't win a medal while hers did and he was very grumpy about losing. Any of you who know lilianna, know she can't stand it when anyone is sad - especially someone she cares about. It was heartbreaking to watch her try to cheer him up....which I really didn't let go on for very long. It is amazing how distracting a powdered sugar mini donut can be! haha. Although last year I think he got a medal and Lilianna didn't because her car was a little unstable and did some spectacular flips.

That marks the end of the pinewood derby for us until Zeb is cubscout age....unless, of course, Aaron comes home in the next year! How crazy wonderfull would that be?! No there is no word of that...just a pine wood derby thought.

I mentioned I am done in the SICU and it feels like I am on the downhill slope to being finished with my training program. Yeah! This month I am at the pediatric outpatient surgery center which is 2 weeks off and 2 weeks starting IV's on sleeping babies for 3 hours a day...it is a very, very, very cush rotation and I am so blessed to have fallen into another month of it. I was supposed to be doing something else but someone needed to switch and I certainly got the better end of the deal. I am working a lot of overtime though....I haven't done any moonlighting at all in 6 weeks because of our trip and my month in the SICU, so I am in need of some OR time and extra money! haha. This Friday we are taking a vacation up to Pikeville, Ky - the kids are looking forward to it...a lot! So am I.

Pictures tonight or tomorrow - for sure!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Democratic Republic of Congo

So I am off today and don't have anything too pressing. Keith took today off to work on the pinewood derby cars. So far, we have cleaned the house, went out to breakfast (yummmm cracker barrel), went to school and had lunch with Lilianna. We ran into town to mail a package full of coloring books and party favors for someone to take over to B at Beacon House. Then we went back to school to have lunch with O....now we are finally home and at 1pm...Keith is starting on the cars! haha.

I am digressing. I got my rainbow kids email today and saw that the Democratic Republic of Congo is opening up to international adoptions...it is non-hague. So I joked with Keith...oh look it is a fast program and starting clicking on info and blogs about it. Mostly to joke with him because lets face it..with 6 kids and someday we hope to bring Aaron home from Kyrgyzstan ....we are done. I know famous last words.

What I saw was that 6 out of 10 children in the Congo die before age 6. Can that possibly be right? Can it be that 60% of children die before they grow one little permanent tooth? I dug around online some more and found that statistic over and over again.

So the gyst of this post is that 6 out of 10 beautiful little children in the Congo will die before they are 6 years old. Wow. I think I will spend the rest of the day figuring out how I can spend my husband's hard earned money to help a child in the Congo.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a blessing!

I had a more stressfull than usual call in the SICU last night (one more to go for my entire life!). We finished rounding early though, and I rushed over to have a nice lunch date with my wonderful husband. Then headed home in the pouring down rain (which I also love...I know I am weird). I got home to my almost spotless house (going on week 2 of keeping our house extremely clean), started a hot bath in my totally awesome jetted tub and checked my email to find this:

A letter from my oldest daughter scanned in and emailed to me from this very sweet woman who is currently living in Ghana with her family serving God through Beacon House. If you visit her blog, you can see pictures of my girls...the very first picture to scroll across is my daughter acting dramatic...oh how she fits in to our family!

I drank a diet dr.pepper, sat in my bubble bath, listened to the rain hit the little glass block window next to our tub and prayed that my baby girls would be here soon. I swear I must be one of the luckiest people alive.

What a different post I would have made at 7pm last night! haha.

In other important news...around midnight on Monday night/tuesday morning, USCIS sent me a text message that they received my 1600 and in 7 - 10 days I would get some sort of receipt confirming that the appropriate field office had received our I600 and then 7-10 days after that I would get some other receipt confirming that all of the appropriate documentation was there. We are talking about all the way until April 5th just to receive 3 different confirmation of receipts. I love beauracracy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


One of our babysitters (the daughter of our main, totally awesome babysitter) is getting married on Monday. It is just their families at the courthouse. Talk of weddings reminds me of something...oh right...how totally and completely in love I am with my husband.

One of my friends who is very disillusioned with the idea of love asked me once..why in the world I got married again. Before I met my husband, I honestly and truly didn't believe that real, storybook, movie plot (starring Meg Ryan) love existed. Before I met my husband I can even imagine myself asking someone that very same question. I am sure there are lots of people who love their spouses as much as Keith and I love each other...but it certainly feels so priceless and special and rare. I just love him more each day...even on the days when he is stressed out and grumpy.

I have been trying to come up with a list of rules or advice to give my girls when they get older to help them avoid Mr Not So Right and find Mr. The One. It is still a work in progress and, of course, I don't expect for one minute that my girls will follow any of my advice! Yet, I still work on my list!

Friday, March 5, 2010

in other important news...

It is easter candy time! I know we all thought that cadbury creme eggs are sooooo bad for you. But they only have 20% of your daily rec saturated fat...so you can eat like 5 of them in a day no problem. Not that I have done that yet....they only come in packs of 4 here.

Yes, I do have a big standardized test tomorrow that I am supposed to be studying for - hence all of the posts.

fed ex

March 3, 854 am...our I600 paperwork was delivered to the Lewisville USCIS office. I sent in the G11 whatever form which they are supposed to email us or send us a text message that they have logged in our forms and we still haven't gotten it.
So....we are 3 days into waiting for our I600 approval.
Over the last 6 months I have periodically called and email my Senators on various adoption related things....Kyrgyzstan, and the FACE act. Randomly, a couple of weeks ago, the Liaison to the State Department and Foreign Embassies for one of our Senators called me to see how our adoption was going. She actually called the week after we got back from Ghana. So I expressed to her my mild mannered opinion on the emigration process for my legal children who are (despite legally being my children!) sitting in an orphanage (albeit a really good one) in Africa because our emigration laws for internationally adopted children are jacked up. I do not beleive I used the word jacked up...but I meant it. She very politely offered to help in any way she could. So she will be getting a phone call from me in the next couple of weeks. I figured 30 days if we still haven't received passports or the day I get the call that we have passports!
I am really trying to be patient!

The real tragedy...

Ok...that title is dramatic! Now that I have gotten some sleep...I am not upset about the whole tooth thing. She is soooo excited about losing a tooth. For any of you that know Lilianna, she is a tiny, petite little flower. For the last couple of months she has been over the top in trying to convince us that she can move out of her carseat and into a booster seat. If it were up to me...she would be in 5 point restraints in the car until she is 30! However, I have relented a litte bit. I told her as soon as she weighed 40 pounds, she could move into a booster seat. She is 36 pounds now and it is a great argument to get her to eat her veggies.

So yesterday morning she freaked out that she had lost the weight of the tooth and now it was going to take longer for her to get into a booster seat. Kids are so funny.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can't believe I missed it....

I am on call in the SICU...yes....I know everyone will be glad when they don't have to listen to me complain about that! I got one of the text messages working moms dread...."L knocked a tooth out". My baby was chewing on her jacket and chomped down on the zipper and knocked out one of her bottom teeth.

I know she is 6yo (almost 7) and it is time for teeth to start falling out....but she is my baby and I am at work tonight and the tooth is gone. I don't get to be the tooth fairy, I don't get to comfort her and I am pretty sad. Don't get me wrong...it was a darn good thing I wasn't there when it happened...I probably would have hyperventilated and passed out....I don't do teeth very well.

I was looking forward in a perverse way to Lilianna getting ready to lose her first tooth - talking about the tooth fairy, getting a special tooth fairy pillow...being there when she woke up and found the IOU which is all we can afford this week...haha! Maybe we can borrow some money from her pink poodle purse to slip under her pillow!

Seriously, I hate nothing more in this world than missing something important in my children's lives because I am at work....in the stinking ICU no less! UG!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Man...

Ok...I have a little rant. I got a little note from Lilianna's school yesterday that if she was absent one more time I would have to appear before the probate judge for truancy. She has missed 3 days this year. One of them was because it was a half day secondary to snow and we couldn't come home in the middle of the day to take her school.

I am just going to say it. What freaking business is it of the probate judge if I want to keep my 6 year old home. Maybe they should spend more time investigating methmaking moms who never enroll their kids in school instead of worrying about whether I am a good parent because my daughter missed school on September 21, February 16 and February 26th.

I am so fed up with the public schools here. Every week there is some new reason I have to send money and if I don't, then they find a way to make my daughter feel bad..."but mom, I need to get the special piece of crap pen from the PTO for bringing in $60 worth of paper". I am officially out. I am not buying one more box of cookie dough, I am not pledging a dollar for every time she sneezes at the PTO sneezathon or whatever. And I am sending in a doctor's note excusing her for every time she has been absent signed by my favorite doctor....ME.

If that isn't good enough, I am going to pull her out of school and homeschool her with K12. I am eventually going to ruin her social life anyway - i might as well do it now and get it over with. Although, I think she would like to homeschool. We are going to do it with Benedicta when she comes home anyway....we will just start early.

Rant over.


Ironically, I posted this and went to yahoo and THIS story was posted.

adoption decree

So, in addition to being able to file our I600, we have have put the girls on our health insurance. We can file our adoption reimbursement with Keith's job...but we are still waiting for a receipt for our Beacon House fee....come on reciept.

I wonder if we can send the girls malaria prophylaxis? It seems like now that they are on the insurance we could get it with our copay and send it over with the next travelling family. I will have to ask, I suppose. My theory was we could use the medical evacuation insurance and just evacuate them here....haha...skip the whole emigration thing....haha. Just a thought!

I am off today and am getting ready to jump head long into the licensing paperwork I have for my Kentucky medical license and my hospital privileges. This paperwork literally makes all of the adoption paperwork I have gathered in the last 3 years seem like nothing. That is saying a lot!

Must go prepare for a mail-a-palooza at 10am. It also started snowing this morning while I was taking Lilianna to school so any moment the snow-fearing school board is going to send me an automated message that school has been cancelled.

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