Tuesday, March 2, 2010

adoption decree

So, in addition to being able to file our I600, we have have put the girls on our health insurance. We can file our adoption reimbursement with Keith's job...but we are still waiting for a receipt for our Beacon House fee....come on reciept.

I wonder if we can send the girls malaria prophylaxis? It seems like now that they are on the insurance we could get it with our copay and send it over with the next travelling family. I will have to ask, I suppose. My theory was we could use the medical evacuation insurance and just evacuate them here....haha...skip the whole emigration thing....haha. Just a thought!

I am off today and am getting ready to jump head long into the licensing paperwork I have for my Kentucky medical license and my hospital privileges. This paperwork literally makes all of the adoption paperwork I have gathered in the last 3 years seem like nothing. That is saying a lot!

Must go prepare for a mail-a-palooza at 10am. It also started snowing this morning while I was taking Lilianna to school so any moment the snow-fearing school board is going to send me an automated message that school has been cancelled.

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