Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Weekend

We had a big weekend...I do have pictures which I will post when I get home. We had the pinewood derby this Saturday (on my LAST post call day from the unit....hurrah!). Our family entered 5 cars (because dad is a pinewood derby machine)...and there were 40 total cars...so we had over 10% of the entries...nice showing.

We had a good race...I will post pictures later and results. Lilianna also learned an important life lesson. Lilianna has a crush on one of the little boys in boyscouts and his car didn't win a medal while hers did and he was very grumpy about losing. Any of you who know lilianna, know she can't stand it when anyone is sad - especially someone she cares about. It was heartbreaking to watch her try to cheer him up....which I really didn't let go on for very long. It is amazing how distracting a powdered sugar mini donut can be! haha. Although last year I think he got a medal and Lilianna didn't because her car was a little unstable and did some spectacular flips.

That marks the end of the pinewood derby for us until Zeb is cubscout age....unless, of course, Aaron comes home in the next year! How crazy wonderfull would that be?! No there is no word of that...just a pine wood derby thought.

I mentioned I am done in the SICU and it feels like I am on the downhill slope to being finished with my training program. Yeah! This month I am at the pediatric outpatient surgery center which is 2 weeks off and 2 weeks starting IV's on sleeping babies for 3 hours a day...it is a very, very, very cush rotation and I am so blessed to have fallen into another month of it. I was supposed to be doing something else but someone needed to switch and I certainly got the better end of the deal. I am working a lot of overtime though....I haven't done any moonlighting at all in 6 weeks because of our trip and my month in the SICU, so I am in need of some OR time and extra money! haha. This Friday we are taking a vacation up to Pikeville, Ky - the kids are looking forward to it...a lot! So am I.

Pictures tonight or tomorrow - for sure!

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