Thursday, March 11, 2010

Democratic Republic of Congo

So I am off today and don't have anything too pressing. Keith took today off to work on the pinewood derby cars. So far, we have cleaned the house, went out to breakfast (yummmm cracker barrel), went to school and had lunch with Lilianna. We ran into town to mail a package full of coloring books and party favors for someone to take over to B at Beacon House. Then we went back to school to have lunch with we are finally home and at 1pm...Keith is starting on the cars! haha.

I am digressing. I got my rainbow kids email today and saw that the Democratic Republic of Congo is opening up to international is non-hague. So I joked with Keith...oh look it is a fast program and starting clicking on info and blogs about it. Mostly to joke with him because lets face it..with 6 kids and someday we hope to bring Aaron home from Kyrgyzstan ....we are done. I know famous last words.

What I saw was that 6 out of 10 children in the Congo die before age 6. Can that possibly be right? Can it be that 60% of children die before they grow one little permanent tooth? I dug around online some more and found that statistic over and over again.

So the gyst of this post is that 6 out of 10 beautiful little children in the Congo will die before they are 6 years old. Wow. I think I will spend the rest of the day figuring out how I can spend my husband's hard earned money to help a child in the Congo.


Shannon said...

Ummm - I initiated a conversation last night about a 3 year old cutie on Rainbow Kids that I really want to rush off and bring home. Kevin about crapped himself! My and all my kiddos may just be moving into your mansion sometime in the future! :)

Michelle said...

Haha. You will have to wait until we build the new wing! 3 year olds are easy right?! Someone better tell Zeb that!

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