Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can't believe I missed it....

I am on call in the SICU...yes....I know everyone will be glad when they don't have to listen to me complain about that! I got one of the text messages working moms dread...."L knocked a tooth out". My baby was chewing on her jacket and chomped down on the zipper and knocked out one of her bottom teeth.

I know she is 6yo (almost 7) and it is time for teeth to start falling out....but she is my baby and I am at work tonight and the tooth is gone. I don't get to be the tooth fairy, I don't get to comfort her and I am pretty sad. Don't get me was a darn good thing I wasn't there when it happened...I probably would have hyperventilated and passed out....I don't do teeth very well.

I was looking forward in a perverse way to Lilianna getting ready to lose her first tooth - talking about the tooth fairy, getting a special tooth fairy pillow...being there when she woke up and found the IOU which is all we can afford this week...haha! Maybe we can borrow some money from her pink poodle purse to slip under her pillow!

Seriously, I hate nothing more in this world than missing something important in my children's lives because I am at the stinking ICU no less! UG!

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