Friday, March 5, 2010

in other important news...

It is easter candy time! I know we all thought that cadbury creme eggs are sooooo bad for you. But they only have 20% of your daily rec saturated you can eat like 5 of them in a day no problem. Not that I have done that yet....they only come in packs of 4 here.

Yes, I do have a big standardized test tomorrow that I am supposed to be studying for - hence all of the posts.


Shannon said...

THANK YOU for fessing up about the Cadbury eggs - I thought I was the only adult addicted to them. I always manage to grab 2 out of the box that seems to be sitting at every checkout when I'm in the store and Kevin always teases me that I should just cut to the chase and buy the whole box.

Michelle said...

I LOVE cadbury creme eggs. I remember when they first came out...I thought they looked totally disgusting. I don't think I even tried one until college (about 8 or 9 years after they came out)...then there was no going back....yum. I bought a 4 pack and accidently left them at home today while I am on call...I am sooo sad.

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