Thursday, March 18, 2010

A little hollywood gossip...

Yes, I am embarassed to bring it up...but what in the world is Sandra Bullock doing married to Jesse James anyway. My husband asked me that once..."why is Sandra Bullock married to him? Don't you think that's weird?" No, I said....maybe he is a nice guy who just has some tough guy persona or someething...I don't know.

OK, if my husband had an affair with a super scary, nasty tattoo model...I would throw up (yes I do have a 6 inch dragon tattoo on my right bicep). Of course, SB knew he HAD been married to a porn star who was doing time in she had to know the potential was there for him to be attracted to skanky...she probably just didn't know the potential was there for him to totally lie to her and break her trust and heart. Oh and I totally believe it happened....JJ has not publicly denied it and SB has cancelled personal appearances due to personal matters.

Gross. All I wanted to say was gross.

And...what irony.....She is off doing a movie about the amazing good in people and filming her Oscar winning role and her husband is having an affair. Getting rid of a cheating husband is probably going to be better for her in the long run than winning an Oscar she was really blessed doubly for doing this movie!

No more vapid hollywood gossip...I apologize! Can you tell I have work to do! haha.

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Tapsalteerie said...

I wondered too... and thought the same as you "Gross"

I've always liked SB.. thought she was alittle different than the rest of the Hollywood set... IDK if that's true or not... but she's always seemed more grounded.

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