Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Getting second place at the Pinewood derby.
Unfortunately, all of the other pinewood derby pictures were taken sideways and I can't figure out how to post them so everthing is is a work in for your viewing pleasure!
Benjamin eating some Cinnamon toast inside with me
Lilianna and Zeb playing "camping in the cabin" out back and eating their cinnamon toast.
Lilianna being sassy with her pink and purple hair extensions provided by her BFF Jessica
Zeb when he was sick at the beginning of the month...that boy could be the sickest person in the world and still break out his toothy grin at the sight of a camera!

Speaking of teeth!


Shannon said...

Cute...cute...cute...cute...cute! E has the same shirt Ben is wearing. You're making me look bad - I can't manage to get down to my computer long enough to get any pictures uploaded.

Michelle said... don't have time to load have to enjoy having your little girl home! blogworld can wait! Although, I do want to see some new pictures!
by the way...I make keith download all of thepictures onto the computer so that cuts down my time spent..haha. Although blogger totally ate my post and I had to redo it!

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