Friday, March 5, 2010

The real tragedy...

Ok...that title is dramatic! Now that I have gotten some sleep...I am not upset about the whole tooth thing. She is soooo excited about losing a tooth. For any of you that know Lilianna, she is a tiny, petite little flower. For the last couple of months she has been over the top in trying to convince us that she can move out of her carseat and into a booster seat. If it were up to me...she would be in 5 point restraints in the car until she is 30! However, I have relented a litte bit. I told her as soon as she weighed 40 pounds, she could move into a booster seat. She is 36 pounds now and it is a great argument to get her to eat her veggies.

So yesterday morning she freaked out that she had lost the weight of the tooth and now it was going to take longer for her to get into a booster seat. Kids are so funny.

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Shannon said...

That is hilarious....and sad at the same time. Poor L. I have a feeling we're going to have the same issue with E. He is stuck at 29 pounds, but is 40 1/2 inches tall. I think he's going to be in a 5 point harness until he's at least 10. According to his growth curve he's going to be about 5'11'' and 120lbs - can you say string bean?????

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