Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Testing the limits ...

I am sitting in my kitchen, at my little Kmart table (which I LOVE!) looking out my kitchen window at Lilianna and Zeb playing (unsupervised...haha) on the swingset. Every little (unsupervised) thing they do which could cause black eyes, bloody noses and broken limbs...I just gnash my teeth, suck it up and let them play...laughing and having fun. Zeb is barking at the neighbors dog and climbing up and down the slide. Lilianna and Z are taking turns spinning around in the swing with the little plastic baby swing swinging wildly around.

They are testing the limits of my intellect to control my totally irrational fears of them getting hurt by the silliest little thing. I think they had something with that bubblewrapping your kids thing...and helmets all day long.

Thank goodness it is almost dinner!

I just yelled for them to come in for dinner and Zeb yells back at the top of his lungs...
"mommy I got POOPIE Diapie"

I am so glad that the whole neighborhood knows...I wish one of them would change it for me! haha.

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Tapsalteerie said...

I'm pretty good at not cossetting my guys... but farm life tends to do that. I do have my 5 min visuals. They'll hear me holler out the door "Let me see you" and they'll all call in... and if they don't I go out looking. Sophie is bad to wander off into the woods and while I trust her... I haven't forgotten the 7 broken bones from last summer either.

As for the poopie diappy... How about my crew that just drop trou and pee (outside at home of course) no matter who's standing there? Even Sophie. Seriously. How are these my children... I'm so painfully modest (about that sort of stuff) that I would die before baring my butt to the world (well that and my unhealthy snake phobia) but not my guys... to quote Sophie "when you gotta go... you gotta GO!"

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