Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's up?

Well...not a whole lot. We had a mostly nice trip. I made a new rule about family vacations. No more until all children can be intimidated into silence at bedtime! Haha!

Lilianna went to her father's house on Tuesday and will be gone for 6 days. It is weird to have just the baby boys in the house.

The weather has been semi- cold and rainy...which I love, the house has been clean and I have been really busy.

I am trying to bring the Alabama Heart Gallery to our church for the month of April and it is amazing how much work it takes to just get the church to approve something like that. It is soooo easy to do, but there is a committee that needs to approve it, but the only person that can take it to the committe is sick like 40% of the time, almost never returns phone calls, and is just as nice and pleasant as can be so it is hard to be really angry about it. But it is frustrating....

I am working some overtime right now in fact...and my break is just about over...but I hate it when I go for a week without blogging...I start to go through withdrawals!

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