Thursday, April 15, 2010

Carter's online...

OK...I love Carter's and osh kosh b' they have an online store. I know...who could believe that in 2010 there is a company that didn't have an online store yet. But it was true. I got some emails a few weeks ago....come to our new online store.

There are such cute clothes there! Lilianna still wears a light pink princess dress we got there almsot 2 years ago. Now I get to replace it! Yeah! Of course now they only have hot pink...but such is life.

It is a very good thing I am on buying anything else for Alex and Zoe until we have visa's!

so check out the new carters/osh kosh online store. There is not a terribly huge amount of items on it...but the ones there are sooo cute and sooooo cheap compared to all of the fancy kids clothes...and I think we can all agree how well made and cute Carter's is!

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