Thursday, April 22, 2010

Come on Visa appointment

Well our I600 approvals have officially been logged into the Embassy in Ghana. I got an email today that Romana can pick up our visa packet next Wednesday at 2pm....yeah!

After she picks up our packet, then we email a request for a visa appointment. I have no idea what will happen next! We may get an appointment, we may not...they may request that our girls' biologic uncles come to the visa appointment, they may request DNA testing, they may just call the uncles on the phone and that's it. I have no one knows.

I am sure whatever happens will be for the best though. I am excited that we are moving forward. Although, I have to say that it took longer for our approved I600's to make it from Atlanta to Ghana (29 days) than it did for us to get our I600 approval (23 days). That is ridiculous. Although I am not complaining because who knows how long it is going to take to get visa's....I need to save up my complaining in case it takes a looooooong time!

In the meantime, I have signed up for a board review course on May 6-9 in I will get to travel...just not to Ghana! This will be good for me...I definitely need to study more.

I have to post some pictures! I will do that tomorrow....I am on call tonight and will be off tomorrow.

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Marnie and Jeremy said...

Dallas! I wish it wasn't 5 hours away. We could get together. Have a good trip!

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