Friday, April 23, 2010

Karyn Purvis Insights and Gifts

I am watching the Insights and Gifts video's done by Karyn Purvis this morning as I kill time waiting for a meeting at 11. I haven't watched them all...I stalled out on the one that I have posted at the bottom of my blog....I can't figure out how to embed..sorry!

This post is about the 4 general ways of parenting...I am too much of a power monger...I am the Fidel Castro of parenting...or Daniel Ortega. Well...I may also be exagerating a little bit.

We walk a very fine line with our children because good manners and respect are so important to us. We want the children to respect everyone and be senstive to the feelings of others. We show respect to each other, the children, and everyone we interact with, really. We are big on the golden rule in our house and we try to be role models in that respect for our kids.

We are not oppressively dictatorial (I hope) but we have rules the kids have to follow and we are serious about the rules for all of the kids. They know what they are and we are very consistent. I am struggling with how to powershare with the children in a way that doesn't undermine the structure and the clearly defined house rules.

I have a lot of things to think about and a lot of books to read.

How do y'all "powershare" with your kids? Do you "powershare"? What exactly does that mean anyway?

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Marnie and Jeremy said...

I went to a seminar that Dr. Purvis and Dr. Cross gave last month for children and family services. It was excellent!

Karyn Purvis Insights and Gifts - sharing power