Thursday, April 8, 2010


Zeb is from Kyrgyzstan (duhh), but there is another little boy in Kyrgyzstan that we are hoping to someday bring home...Aaron is 6yo and thankfully away from the hullaballoo.
It is hard to watch the unrest in Kyrgyzstan though.

I am sure anyone that reads my blog that has a vested interest in Kyrgyzstan also reads John Wright's blog...but if you haven't peeked in on it this is very moving. He is in Kyrgyzstan now and ventured out yesterday to view Bishkek to visit the maternity hospital and to hold a baby girl who was born and abandoned during the violence.

Here is a youtube video of clashes at the "White House".

My understanding is that the violence is now over and there is a new government...where this leaves international adoption for Kyrgyzstan...I don't know.

We are so blessed to have our new daughters, we will keep waiting for Aaron.

Later: I was just blessed with a facebook chat with John who let me know that the area Aaron is has been quiet. I got some other tidbits too that were interesting....but how totally lucky am I that I know there isn't any violence where this little 6 year old boy is living. Thank you so much John!

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