Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last Saturday....

Last Saturday we had the camera with us....this Saturday...not so much. Last Saturday was exhausting for Dad and his baby....

We had adoption playgroup and E from Kazahkstan came with his mommy. He and Zeb are the same age and they play good together...although Z was kind of a temper tantrum machine.

I finally cooked something from my Kyrgyzstan cook book....Roll Kuchen is what it says on the recipe...basically it is a donut or a funnel cake....yumm. They are rolls...but I threw some powdered sugar on them and made them a dessert snack. Fried dough just should have sugar on it..that is all there is to it. Although Z like it better with cinnamon and sugar instead of powdered sugar.

I also spent a couple of hours using my Global mama's cook book and whipping up some Peppe sauce (ouch was it hot), Fried chicken, and fried rice. i actually had ot substitute serrano peppers for the jalepenos because walmart was out of jalapenos. It was really good though.

We had a great day and i am looking forward to whipping up a few more recipes before we travel.

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