Friday, April 30, 2010

Money, money, money, money..

The good news is...I think we have a visa appointment (although I can't be 100% sure from the wording of the email from the Embassy) on May 11th. YEAH!

Of course, that brings up a very tricky issue....we need money! Yes, like most people I jumped into this adoption with part of the money and a I still have part of the money and a dream...haha.

So please...share with me how your family raised money for your adoptions. is true...we may be down to the wire...but I am curious! If I had know... planned better...I could have had a bakesale at church or sold tshirts....147 million orphans has a page on their website about fundraising. I think we are really close to being able to do it. If the girls don't actually come home until after I finish my residency - there will be no problems...but if they come home any sooner....let's just say it is going to be close!

Spill it...who has a rich uncle they want to loan me!?

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