Sunday, April 11, 2010

More delays....

Our I600 approval - we were approved on March 23 in the Atlanta office of USCIS and somehow...our approval hasn't made it to the national visa center in New Hampshire yet. I have talked to customer service at the NVC 3 times and they say they can't do anything to help me I have to talk to the customer service at the Atlanta USCIS office....they have an 800 phone number and say there are agents available to talk but there is no option to actually talk to someone! I have sent emails every 3 days for the last week and a half and haven't heard back and on Friday I called on of our Senator's offices and they sent an email to them. I will be making more calls tomorrow. It is just so frustrating when we have the approval but it is apparently lost in the mail.

2 weeks ago the process was....the NVC cables the approval, our POA picks of the visa packet and 4 days later and travel plans baby.......

As of last week......there is now a field investigation that could take up to 6 weeks before you get a visa. So from being excited about maybe travelling at the end of April...we are back to the standard international adoption answer of "I don't know when the girls might come home..."

So....we NEEED our stupid I600 approval to get to Ghana so we can start waiting for another indeterminate length of time. The bottleneck should not be getting our approval from Atlanta to New Hampshire!

Beacon House has a is over in my links...there is a new post with a picture of the new area near the baby house that is going to be a little toddler playground. It is really exciting and will be a really great addition. There is a picture on it of a large space that is fenced in like a little toddler play area...there aren't any toys in it yet. There are some children in it and I am pretty sure my little Zoe is sitting in the far corner...I couldn't zoom in...but there is just something about the way she is sitting and the little profile that just reminds me of her.
OK...I totally lost it when I saw the picture....which, of course, made me extra frustrated at the whole lost I600 approval thing! You know how it is when you are tired and sick and it just takes one little thing to totally lose it....that was me Friday night.

Our saturday was great...and I am about to write about it in another post....cuz this one is getting tooo long!

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Mala said...

I had no idea that the NVC was here in NH! Where? I'll go knock some heads!

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