Saturday, April 24, 2010

My sweet little girls...

There is a family picking up their little boy at Beacon House right now...we sent a photo album to Alex with pictures in it from our visit and a note from each of us. So....they have seriously been on my mind the last 2 days....did she get the photo album, what is going through her mind - is she sad, excited, hopefull? I don't know...I can't even begin to empathize. So I thought I would post a couple of pictures of my girls that came to us from a woman who was volunteering at BH for a year (who has now left). What a blessing these photos are!

This picture was when we were there and gave A her doll!

A softball prodigy? maybe...I know a dad who likes to play ball.

Our POA will be picking up our visa packet on Wednesday around 2pm (6am our time) and shortly thereafter we will start discovering what will be involved in getting the visas....

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Shannon said...

They are so gorgeous!!!! What a treat to get those beautiful photos. I say they're home within 45 days, and as you know, what I say goes! :)

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