Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandra Bullock

OK...I knew I liked Sandra Bullock....and not just because she had the vision and desire to be in the move The Blind Side! Now the truth is out that she is an adoptive mom..ok...not exactly.

Someone familiar with domestic adoptions...can you tell me how she has had a little baby boy living with her since January but the adoption isn't complete yet? I thought maybe it was through foster care...but it seems highly unusual to actually be able to adopt a baby through foster care and what about redoing all of the homestudy stuff? I suppose there is actually a lot of flexibility in domestic just seems odd to me.

Just curious if there are any domestic adopters that can straighten me out on that one.

In any case....what a surprise and what a total jerk Jesse James is.


Shannon said...

Hey girl - we don't finalize until June and M's been with us since Nov 2nd. It's the nature of the bureaucratic beast. :)

Michelle said...

There must be some sort of legal documentation that you are the parent guardianship papers - etc. That couldn't just change from 2 parents to one parent before finalization could it? I suppose where there is money there is a way!

Brand New Mama said...

I just love her smile on the People mag cover. She looks glorious.

Jeanne said...

Michelle, hi, I hope you can bring your girls home soon!

We are beginning a domestic process right now. There isn't anything odd about Sandra's situation (well, other than that husband of hers). Until finalization, they are foster parents to the baby. They have to have homestudy visits and apply to finalize the adoption.
Apparently, Jesse agreed not to go through with the adoption on his part. I don't think there is a money issue here, just standard procedure.

Jeanne said...

Sorry about a 2nd comment, but I wanted to say that when working with an adoption facilitator (not agency) for domestic, you don't even have to have a homestudy in place before you bring the baby into your home. It's a private matter between birthparents and prospective adoptive parents. Very different from international!

Megan, aka LadyofMoonlight said...

I've heard of people changing their marital status to single pre-finalization. When you finalize is dependent on the state. When our 7m old was placed in our arms we were told 6-18 months till finalization. Other states take 2 weeks. It took almost a year to finalize our older son's Ethiopian adoption, even with him being legally our son. Annoying :-P

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