Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yes the time has come for me to shop uncontrollably. Fortunately, for us all....we don't have a credit card that can take my insatiable nesting desire to shop for really not very necessary items. However, I was able to talk Keith into a few things...Oh I mean one thing...ummm Keith can I buy this too?
This is grape bubble bath, grape lotion and mathing grape lip balm that comes in a little purple draw string pouch...cute! It is from Treasured Locks... I wanted to have some fancy lotion. I am going to bring some fingernail polish too! FUN.

This is Uncle Funky's Daughter's Curly Magic. Ok...I just like the name...but I have read good things about it. Alex and Zoe have such short hair I know...but still...I am excited.
OK I am spreading things out on the bed to pick what we are going to bring whenever we finally get to go (like 3 weeks away).
Do you think I should bring new dolls for the girls? It is likely the dolls we brought 2 months ago are long gone or destroyed.
Ok back to my bed covered in a TON of clothes for little girls!


The Blaske Bunch said...

Love the pics of the fun goodies you have found! We now have 4 45 poound bags (leaving some room for error on our personal scale vs the airline scale)
I asked Dave if he could put ALL of the things he NEEDS for his carry on...cux the bags are FULL of donations and Gabriels personal travel bag. He just smiles and rolls his eyes! HAVE FUN!!!
About the dolls...I am sure they are still in good shape...the kids are soooo careful of anything that is "theirs" and not community property...but what lil girl would not like ONE more doll!
We got Gabe a Leapster to play on the plane. (lots of batteries) It will be a new concept...but I am sure with his 15 yr old brother on the plane next to him, he will catch on fast!
Enjoy and HAPPY EATER!

Michelle said...

My concern with the doll is the way Alex was treating it! Haha! We were debating either a leapster or a tuff kids dvd player. Isn't it fun to plan this part!!!!

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