Friday, April 2, 2010

Why am I so antsy at this stage....

Ok...I am like a woman obsessed.  For some reason during the last 6 weeks I had some serious calmness kicking.  It could be 6 weeks it could be 6 months or more...I was OK with that.  I was thinking about homestudy updates and extensions if they weren't home by October...I was calm and had some perspective.
That is gone.  Now I am freaking out because my approval hasn't made it from one government office to another one in 8 business days.  Come on Michelle...get a is a government office!
Even if we had our visas by next friday we can't travel until the 24th at the why am I soooo totally  freaking out.
Lilianna is sick today...she threw up at school and I had to go pick her I cleaned the house and wanted to start sorting through clothes for Zoe.  The clothes are in the attic and I couldn't get them down and had a total freak out about that. 
I also haven't had any coffee in almost 2 weeks in a futile effort to save money...maybe I just need to chomp on a bag of ground coffee in order to relax!

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