Sunday, May 30, 2010

Call is killing me.....

One by one, the hospital is sucking the joy out of my call days.  I have been at the hospital since 630 am this morning...a normal call day.  It has been really busy, but now it has calmed down and I want to do my daily blogstalk...except I can't because they have installed new security block out criteria so everyone's blog (including my own) is blocked.  I can understand doing that somewhere where people work like 8-5.  But here I sit at 10pm with 9 more hours to go and i can't even check my favorite blogs. 
Guess i will have to watch tv!  Apparently that is OK.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


OK...I just sent a regular email to post and the black was way from now on...all emailed posts will be in Pink...because I miss my little girl with the cute pink hair!

Hopefully i will get her pictures downloaded tonight so i can share her high school musical-icious pink hair.

Sorry about the blue....

They changed the internet rules at now my blog is blocked! I am not sure why...other blogs work. So I have to post from emails and my email was blue. I was too lazy to change it back to black..and now I have given Mala permanent wrinkles around her eyes from squinting...I am sorry. I will take a botox class and hook you up later girl!

So no news from the Embassy yesterday. Literally...we are just kind of waiting around until they finish their investigation. I am not entirely sure what they have to do to finish it. They have all of the documents, they have spoken to the bio relative who relinquished them...I am not sure what else they can ask for. I am sure that they said that the visa process could take up to 6 months. I suppose we could still be waiting to hear from the visa unit 6 months from now. I suppose it is also possible that they will just deny the visa.

We literally have nothing we can do but sit and wait for 6 months while my little girl has her second birthday on June 1st. On Tuesday, my daughter will have a birthday without me, without a birthday cake, without a special birthday outfit and party....without her family. Maybe I should have written this post in would match my mood!

I know things will happen when they are supposed to but this is the first time in the process when I don't even know what the next step is! We were so sure that things were going to start moving when our I600 approval got to Ghana....we started talking about it with the kids again and now like everyday Zeb asks when Zoe and Alex are going to come home...and wants to look at pictures of Zoe and Alex all the time.

I know we are super-blessed and I am so gratefull for all that we have ... I am done lamenting what tiny miniscule amounts of hardship we are facing right now...I am done whining! I can't afford to do the kind of shopping I want to do for the girls more and better shopping if the girls don't come home until August....and I hear there is great weather in Ghana during August. My new hope is for August.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Embassy ..

So, on Monday the bio uncle of my daughters went to the embassy for his interview.  Apparently it went well.  They had to find a translator before they could do the interview and as it happens...the translator was someone who actually knew their uncle from his village....small world!
We are thinking we might find out today what our next step is...we just don't know what the next step is or when it will get done.  It is 815pm in Accra right now so I am checking my email every 10 minutes to see if we know anything more...likely we don't and I am actually OK with that.
In other news, Lilianna headed off to her dad's house for a month so it is awfully quiet around here.  Before she left though...we dyed her hair pink for the last day of school...those pictures will be posted sometime tonight I think...although the pictures don't really capture the glamorousness of her pink streaks!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lilianna's going away party

Last Saturday was Lilianna's going away party
at build a bear workshop. We had 2 neighbor kids and 2 kids from was the biggest turn out so far for a Lilianna party in Alabama! It was all of the important people! Well...almost all of them. Keith was out of town with O for boyscouts...what's new...right! So I took the 2 babies and Lilianna to the mall for the party.
They had a great time. Each little kid got 2 hearts for the went in their bears and each of them put a heart in Lilianna's was sooo sweet...and she got an autoraph bear that she has taken everywhere to get, school, the bus!
After the build a bear party I took everyone to the food court and we tore into a giant cookie cake. You should have seen me schlepping 3 kids, 3 build a bear workshop boxes and a left over cookie cake back to the car. Thankfully, I didn't have an extra hand to take a picture of my reflection in the window!
One of her friends came over to spend the night that night...hence the last post about no more slumber parties until 5th grade!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am totally disgusted.. is the yahoo news headline....
"Woody Allen comes out in support of Polanski"

Well..isn't that nice. A dirty old man that has an affair with his longtime girlfriend's 16 yo adopted daughter...has come out in support of a dirty old man that drugs and molests 13 yr old girls. that Woody Allen has informed us that Roman Polanski has paid his dues everything is fine. You know...Roman Polanski would have been better off trying to legitimize his molestation of a child by marrying Woody Allen did.

Maybe Yahoo news should check in with other disgusting old men who prey on innocent and vulnerable children to see what they think.

Yes...I still think that Woody Allen is a lecherous pervert...and I always will. I am not exactly sure what the dues are that Woody Allen thinks makes up for drugging and molesting a 13 year old girl...but I am quite sure Polanski has not been punished for that crime (I know that whole Sharon Tate thing sucked and all..but that was before he raped a 13 yo girl and I don't think that should muddy the picture here).

Anyway it is a good thing that the kids were sound asleep and the house was empty when I read I had to vent online instead of in a loud, annoyed voice reserved for the most despicable and absurd observations!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Am I in the running for world's suckiest mom?

Today was Lilianna's going away party at build a bear workshop. The party was great...our neighbors and 2 people from Lilianna's class date the best turnout we have had in Alabama...go us! the party really was great..the boy's behaved and everyone had fun. Afterwards, everyone went to the food court and we had a cookie cake and everyone rode the carousel. Then we came home and Zeb lost it once we got home....he was sooo close and it was a miracle he made it home before the explosion of non-sensical over-tired crying.

After an emergency nap we went to a party across the street with jumping castles, balloons, etc. One of lilianna's friends from school who was at the party came over to spend the night.

For those who might not know...this is Lilianna's first sleep over. These already exhausted kids did fine until about 1030 when the overexhaustedness started leading to a bad choice marathon of screaming ball throwing in the house accompanied by trying to climb up and down things that didn't have enough room for a child to fit through. There was accidental running into things and we were getting dangerously close to spiralling into a cry a thon with each additional event.

How many times is a mom supposed to tell 6year olds to be quiet so they don't wake up babies before she explodes and threatens to end the sleepover and call the sweet guest's mother? Needless to say....the 6 year olds are now and sound in beds and I will no longer ever be confused with a cool mom.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday cakes

So,I have one birthday coming up in 3 weeks.....Keith's birthday! I am buying him a great birthday present...I can't write it here because then it won't be a surprise...but I bet he knows what they are. They are a little bit too big to wrap a bow around them and they are by far the most expensive gifts I have ever purchased!

He won't tell me what kind of birthday cake he wants me to bake him though. Even though we are totally soul mates...I have no idea which of my cakes he likes the best. I asked him and he said...."frosted"....seriously ..I said "What is your favorite cake that I can make" and he said "frosted". Do you think he means like this...

or like this.....
Ok....this one is totally cracking me up! I LOVE Cakewrecks...
We are heading out of town the night before his birthday because his presents are out of the cake has to travel well and not require my delicious red chocolate cake is out. I am not going to make it a tremendous feat of decorating like I do with the kids...or like these awesome cakes pictured above! It just has to be delicious and simply "frosted". So I am taking ideas....I made a very good butter cake a couple of weeks ago which didn't actually have just had a butter sauce....but I could frost over the butter sauce...I am rambling now....

Step up and send me your favorite cake recipe! Oooh, maybe I can bake them all between now and June 4th and decide which one is the most delicious. Oh please...send your recipes...yum.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I worked last night....partly because we need the money....ok...mostly because we need the money. Also, because I was a little excited and anxious. I was enjoying a little bit of the old HOPE. I was hoping that my daughters would get their visa's so that they could come home to us within 4 months of their official and legal adoption by my family! It was a little bit like trying to go to sleep on Christmas eve or the night before you leave on a family vacation to DisneyWorld.

Unfortunately, I worked all last night...a lot of times on that overnight shift you just tuck yourself into bed and get paid for sleeping - which is awesome. last night, I definitely earned my pay. At 130am this morning (730am GMT) I was so hopefull....I watched every second tick by waiting to hear something. I had lots of time to go over every detail...every hopefull little plan. I was in the OR from 11pm until 745 this morning and it was not a pretty sight!

I spent some time looking over cake ideas for Zoe's birthday...she turns 2yo on June 1st. I was thinking this little princess doll cake...or something similar. She is not getting a birthday cake from me this year though.

I knew it was very optimistic, but that is just me...optimistic.

This morning about 9am my time (while still at work), I got the news that there would be no visa's this week and likely no visa's next week. Close your eyes and imagine if you will....a sleep deprived mom who had starting picking out birthday cakes for her daughter's birthday being told No Visa's.

It has taken two naps and a long, hot bath for me to emerge from the serious pity party that ensued!

Thanks everyone who lifted us up for a little divine help! I intellectually know that the timing is not a coincidence and has very little to do with what I want or any of my little temper tantrums...I also know that my family has sooooo much going on in the next 2 months - it is a backwards little blessing of our girls don't come home until all of the craziness is over. I know all that...but mom wants to bake Zoe a princess cake for her birthday and take pictures of her smooshing it all over her face, dress, and tiara (oh yes...there was a tiara in my plans!).

Friday, May 7, 2010

In Dallas, TX

I am sitting in a hotel room in Dallas after 2 days of being beaten by multiple choice tests designed to make me hyperventilate about every little thing I don't know....and it is working! UG!

I have a lot of studying to do my friends before my board exam on August 3rd.

I also have a lot of things to do before July 1st. Today I drank too much caffeine trying to stay awake in the conference and since about 4pm I have literally been flushed with anxiety over all of the stuff my family has to accomplish in the next month and all of the stuff I have to accomplish professionally in the next month....2 months...and 3 months.

i definitely need to stay away from the caffeine right now.

Tuesday is the big day for our visa appointment in Accra, I am a little anxious about that too....I have no idea what to expect to happen or even really what to hope for.

Need to go back and hit the books...I have 38 more minutes of studying!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leaving Home...

Tomorrow for the first time ever (in the last 3 years, at least) I am going out of town entirely by myself. I am heading to Dallas for a board review course. OK 2 other residents from my program are going...but I am leaving all family members here.

Tonight, I spent some time with Lilianna alone..we went to the church playground and played for a while and I took her out to dinner at our local delicious Mexican restaurant. Tomorrow I am spending time with each of the boys...

Ok tomorrow is now today. I took Zeb to the park this morning and played alone with him for a couple of hours. We don't do that very much. I spend time alone with Lilianna more than Zeb and Ben because they are like the dynamic duo...Zeb and Ben. Usually they want the other to go with least that is what they say!

I am going to pack and pick ben up in about 40 minutes to spend a couple of hours alone with him and then I am off.

I got my new summer haircut today....11 inches. I hope that is enough to send to Locks of Love...I am going to try it anyway...I just couldn't wait one more inch or one more minute...none of my OR hats were fitting!

less than one week until our visa appointment at the US embassy in Ghana - living with my fingers crossed!

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