Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am totally disgusted.. is the yahoo news headline....
"Woody Allen comes out in support of Polanski"

Well..isn't that nice. A dirty old man that has an affair with his longtime girlfriend's 16 yo adopted daughter...has come out in support of a dirty old man that drugs and molests 13 yr old girls. that Woody Allen has informed us that Roman Polanski has paid his dues everything is fine. You know...Roman Polanski would have been better off trying to legitimize his molestation of a child by marrying Woody Allen did.

Maybe Yahoo news should check in with other disgusting old men who prey on innocent and vulnerable children to see what they think.

Yes...I still think that Woody Allen is a lecherous pervert...and I always will. I am not exactly sure what the dues are that Woody Allen thinks makes up for drugging and molesting a 13 year old girl...but I am quite sure Polanski has not been punished for that crime (I know that whole Sharon Tate thing sucked and all..but that was before he raped a 13 yo girl and I don't think that should muddy the picture here).

Anyway it is a good thing that the kids were sound asleep and the house was empty when I read I had to vent online instead of in a loud, annoyed voice reserved for the most despicable and absurd observations!

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Mala said...

I am TOTALLY with you!I guess all is OK as long as other pervs say it is.

And I hate Woody Allen. And his movies suck.

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