Friday, May 7, 2010

In Dallas, TX

I am sitting in a hotel room in Dallas after 2 days of being beaten by multiple choice tests designed to make me hyperventilate about every little thing I don't know....and it is working! UG!

I have a lot of studying to do my friends before my board exam on August 3rd.

I also have a lot of things to do before July 1st. Today I drank too much caffeine trying to stay awake in the conference and since about 4pm I have literally been flushed with anxiety over all of the stuff my family has to accomplish in the next month and all of the stuff I have to accomplish professionally in the next month....2 months...and 3 months.

i definitely need to stay away from the caffeine right now.

Tuesday is the big day for our visa appointment in Accra, I am a little anxious about that too....I have no idea what to expect to happen or even really what to hope for.

Need to go back and hit the books...I have 38 more minutes of studying!

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