Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leaving Home...

Tomorrow for the first time ever (in the last 3 years, at least) I am going out of town entirely by myself. I am heading to Dallas for a board review course. OK 2 other residents from my program are going...but I am leaving all family members here.

Tonight, I spent some time with Lilianna alone..we went to the church playground and played for a while and I took her out to dinner at our local delicious Mexican restaurant. Tomorrow I am spending time with each of the boys...

Ok tomorrow is now today. I took Zeb to the park this morning and played alone with him for a couple of hours. We don't do that very much. I spend time alone with Lilianna more than Zeb and Ben because they are like the dynamic duo...Zeb and Ben. Usually they want the other to go with them..at least that is what they say!

I am going to pack and pick ben up in about 40 minutes to spend a couple of hours alone with him and then I am off.

I got my new summer haircut today....11 inches. I hope that is enough to send to Locks of Love...I am going to try it anyway...I just couldn't wait one more inch or one more minute...none of my OR hats were fitting!

less than one week until our visa appointment at the US embassy in Ghana - living with my fingers crossed!

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