Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lilianna's going away party

Last Saturday was Lilianna's going away party
at build a bear workshop. We had 2 neighbor kids and 2 kids from was the biggest turn out so far for a Lilianna party in Alabama! It was all of the important people! Well...almost all of them. Keith was out of town with O for boyscouts...what's new...right! So I took the 2 babies and Lilianna to the mall for the party.
They had a great time. Each little kid got 2 hearts for the went in their bears and each of them put a heart in Lilianna's was sooo sweet...and she got an autoraph bear that she has taken everywhere to get, school, the bus!
After the build a bear party I took everyone to the food court and we tore into a giant cookie cake. You should have seen me schlepping 3 kids, 3 build a bear workshop boxes and a left over cookie cake back to the car. Thankfully, I didn't have an extra hand to take a picture of my reflection in the window!
One of her friends came over to spend the night that night...hence the last post about no more slumber parties until 5th grade!

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