Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sorry about the blue....

They changed the internet rules at now my blog is blocked! I am not sure why...other blogs work. So I have to post from emails and my email was blue. I was too lazy to change it back to black..and now I have given Mala permanent wrinkles around her eyes from squinting...I am sorry. I will take a botox class and hook you up later girl!

So no news from the Embassy yesterday. Literally...we are just kind of waiting around until they finish their investigation. I am not entirely sure what they have to do to finish it. They have all of the documents, they have spoken to the bio relative who relinquished them...I am not sure what else they can ask for. I am sure that they said that the visa process could take up to 6 months. I suppose we could still be waiting to hear from the visa unit 6 months from now. I suppose it is also possible that they will just deny the visa.

We literally have nothing we can do but sit and wait for 6 months while my little girl has her second birthday on June 1st. On Tuesday, my daughter will have a birthday without me, without a birthday cake, without a special birthday outfit and party....without her family. Maybe I should have written this post in would match my mood!

I know things will happen when they are supposed to but this is the first time in the process when I don't even know what the next step is! We were so sure that things were going to start moving when our I600 approval got to Ghana....we started talking about it with the kids again and now like everyday Zeb asks when Zoe and Alex are going to come home...and wants to look at pictures of Zoe and Alex all the time.

I know we are super-blessed and I am so gratefull for all that we have ... I am done lamenting what tiny miniscule amounts of hardship we are facing right now...I am done whining! I can't afford to do the kind of shopping I want to do for the girls more and better shopping if the girls don't come home until August....and I hear there is great weather in Ghana during August. My new hope is for August.


Shannon said...

I'm sorry, hon. I'm not looking forward to K's second birthday next month either. :( Keeping fingers crossed for August. BTW - Black is WORSE - now I have to highlight the whole post so the wording shows up in white to be able to read it. Geez, what is up with that hospital? Don't they know very important blog business goes on there!!

Mala said...

Free botox! I HEART YOU!!! And chance you will be taking a boob-job course soon?

And the waiting... ugh, you're handling it better than I would. Here's to some great news soon!!!!!

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