Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I worked last night....partly because we need the money....ok...mostly because we need the money. Also, because I was a little excited and anxious. I was enjoying a little bit of the old HOPE. I was hoping that my daughters would get their visa's so that they could come home to us within 4 months of their official and legal adoption by my family! It was a little bit like trying to go to sleep on Christmas eve or the night before you leave on a family vacation to DisneyWorld.

Unfortunately, I worked all last night...a lot of times on that overnight shift you just tuck yourself into bed and get paid for sleeping - which is awesome. last night, I definitely earned my pay. At 130am this morning (730am GMT) I was so hopefull....I watched every second tick by waiting to hear something. I had lots of time to go over every detail...every hopefull little plan. I was in the OR from 11pm until 745 this morning and it was not a pretty sight!

I spent some time looking over cake ideas for Zoe's birthday...she turns 2yo on June 1st. I was thinking this little princess doll cake...or something similar. She is not getting a birthday cake from me this year though.

I knew it was very optimistic, but that is just me...optimistic.

This morning about 9am my time (while still at work), I got the news that there would be no visa's this week and likely no visa's next week. Close your eyes and imagine if you will....a sleep deprived mom who had starting picking out birthday cakes for her daughter's birthday being told No Visa's.

It has taken two naps and a long, hot bath for me to emerge from the serious pity party that ensued!

Thanks everyone who lifted us up for a little divine help! I intellectually know that the timing is not a coincidence and has very little to do with what I want or any of my little temper tantrums...I also know that my family has sooooo much going on in the next 2 months - it is a backwards little blessing of our girls don't come home until all of the craziness is over. I know all that...but mom wants to bake Zoe a princess cake for her birthday and take pictures of her smooshing it all over her face, dress, and tiara (oh yes...there was a tiara in my plans!).


Shannon said...

Noooooooooooooooo.....ugh - mama needs to bake herself a molten chocolate cake, grab a bottle of wine and lock herself in the bathroom. :( You ARE right, though, with all you guys have going on the next couple months, maybe it's for the best?

Michelle said...

That is a good idea! I know...I know....girls coming home in like August makes sense but there is no room for reason here! haha!

Jeanne said...

Sorry that you are facing a delay--maybe you can make a princess homecoming cake??

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