Thursday, June 17, 2010

147 million orphans

I have a tote bag and a shirt from 147 million orphans. However, I recently read a new number from The Organization That Shall Remain Nameless...that said there were now 207 million orphans. I am so happy that that organization has spent millions of dollars on getting an accurate count while not interceding to improve the lives of these children at all...but that is another post.

207 million wow. Could the number of orphans in the world really have increased that much since 2008 or 2007 I can't remember which year the other number came out..but either way...WOW.

This morning I received an email from another Kyrgyzstan adoption mama that is advocating for an HIV+ baby girl in an eastern european country so I popped on over to Positively Orphaned to get contact information. I have been staying away from all photo lists etc because once your heart is broken for orphans and once you have adopted 3 and have 6 children...really what is one more...and that can be dangerous! haha.

Right now there are a ton of babies from Eastern Europe and Russia on the website. Probably if you are reading my are an adoptive mom....but maybe not. Maybe you just happened on my blog for some other reason and you are curious about what is on the positively orphaned webpage. Hop on over moved. Maybe you are an adoptive mom and haven't been thinking about going through it all again...hop on over there you may be inspired to give it another go.

Do you have a bunk bed that has an open bunk? do you have baby clothes that your youngest has outgrown? Do you lack a family birthday for the month of June and really want to have something to celebrate in that month? There is now an adoption tax refund instead of a tax the year you complete your adoption you get $13,000 from the government. Are you convinced yet? 6,000 children are orphaned every day because of AIDS and 30,000 children will die today from malnutrion and preventable bout now? I will bake you some delicious chocolate fudge chunk brownies and mail them to about now?

That's all I got....but seriously pop over to positively orphaned and be moved by the beautiful children who desperately need a mom.


Hilary Marquis said...

Thank you, Michelle!

Melanie said...

There are other crazy adoptive Mom's lurking in the blog world...I relate to your words so well. I have 4 bio and 3 adopted children with one more on the way. So much more needs to be done.


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