Friday, June 18, 2010

another week...

Another week is done and still no word on visa's for my daughters. If you look on the will see I have been waiting 10 weeks for the visa's..of course our court date and the day they became our daughter legally was 18w 4 days ago. The last 10 weeks are due to OUR US government. I understand they want to investigate...but they had all of our documents and COMPLETED an interview with their living bio uncle over a month ago and they are just waiting on ...I don't even know what. It is just cricket's chirping over at the US Embassy visa unit.

Keith and I were playing with Benjamin last night and he was rolling around on the floor playing and laughing. Keith and I were taking turns just playing with him...holding him above our heads while we lay on the ground....bouncing him on my legs and flipping him over my head. He was just laughing and climbing all over us. I really wanted Zoe there to do the same things. To have my undivided attention while I swing her around and over my head singing pop goes the weasel. UGGGG by the time she gets home she will be too big for me to swing around (well hopefully I am exaggerating some!)

So, paradoxically and against my strong dislike of work right now...I wait anxiously for the week to start instead of end for the small hope that we might hear something about visas. Although I am sure this weeked will be a ton of fun!

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