Friday, June 25, 2010

Childlessness at record high

Childlesness at record high I saw this on Yahoo news like 5 minutes ago. Apparently childlessness is increasing across every segment except in among women with advanced degrees where childlesness has declined by 32%. I was blown away by the statistic that only 9% of women have advanced degrees. The only disturbing thing about this article is that women who have adopted children are counted to be childless. I have spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out how to email this bozo...or the pew research center and complain about that.

Seriously, I am a little pissed off about that....if you have children you have children and thus are not childless (yes I know I sound like mojo jojo from power puff girls)....but apparently there is some jerk of a researcher who idiot.

So now I am off to take my of whom apparently doesn't count according to Pew Research center.....out to dinner.


Kami said...

Also, I would like to know how many women (couples) are childless because of infertility. That would be interesting to add to the study. I agree...adoption is not considered childless in my book. My son is here and I am his mother. Grrr....

Mala said...

When the census worker came to my house I said I have 2 children. He looked at Beck and erased 'son' and put 'adopted'. I informed him that he needed to change it back to 'son' because THAT'S what he is.


Give 'em hell.

Michelle said...

No Way Mala! I can't believe that! I mean I do believe it...but that is so wrong. We didn't get a census form and I maybe didn't call the census worker that keeps coming by. I wonder what they would say for my legally adopted daughers (mine as of Feb 8...thus before the magical April census deadline) that I can't seem to get home! Now I want to call her back!

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