Sunday, June 27, 2010

The month of chaos begins...

I picked up Lilianna yesterday morning and my mom in the afternoon. Picking up Lilianna went really well ..except of course I ended up driving about 30 miles past the meeting point to get her because he was running late. Everytime I pick her up from her dad's i always worry that she is going to be upset or sad or something. her dad always acts like it is the end of the world and she always is so excited to see me and asks if Zeb is in the car and then I have to remind her to say good bye to her dad. Don't get me wrong...I know she loves him and I DO think it is important for her to spend time with him.
We made a couple of stops on the way home. The first place we had to stop was for gas...we went in and she wanted 50 cents to try one of those claw games and amazingly she won a little tiger. She got in the car and wanted to call keith and tell him that she had one something from the claw game. It was pretty random that she wanted to call Keith.
Then we did some serious damage at the Carter's and Osh Kosh B'Gosh outlet stores. I am a sucker for a flowered tunic from Carter's and Lilianna is willing to feed my weakness! haha.

Lilianna was so excited to see my mom at the airport and everyone was excited to see Lilianna when we got home. Randomly throughout the day..Zeb would give Lilianna a hug and say 'I am so glad you are home to my house leelee'.

keith has been an insane preparation monster for the last week...getting very little sleep. He left this morning for boy scout camp for a week. By the time he gets back..the movers will have packed up the house and have even packed or at least started to pack everything on the truck. So he has been super stressed out trying to get everything on his list done...which as you can totally impossible. My honey knows how to overschedule himself and expect himself to be is one of his spiritual demand too much of himself!

So tonight...the kids are totally out of sorts....Lilianna is home (which is awesome...but takes a little reacclimation by her to the rules..if you know what I mean), Benjamin misses Daddy something fierce (he screamed "daddy" every time I laid him down in his crib for like 3 hours at bedtime), my mom is sleeping on the couch in the living room (which is totally awesome she is here....thanks mom!). All of this is breaks in our tenuous routine and to top it all off...I am a nervous wreck which makes me less than flexible and fun loving! So chaos this week in Birmingham and then the move and then chaos in the unpacking...then we decided to have houseguests our first weekend in our new house...we don't even have enough places for the kids to sleep and we have chosen to sleep 5 more....not to mention starting a new job.
The weekend after that Lilianna is going to girls scout camp for 3 days then the next weekend is her birthday and the next week is boards.

I am soooo blessed to have this chaos and I am gratefull everyday for the blessing in my life that allow me to have these great opportunities....truly I am....but I will be glad with July is over.

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